Reflect 2012

How fast time flies. I always tell myself that at the end of every year. Where did the year go? While my day job has been stagnant this year, doing mundane ordinary stuff, my personal life is much better (hell yeah!). I get to see both my Chloe and Ashlyn grow at a tremendous rate, and I also get to see my blog ChloeAsh grow as well.

Let’s reflect shall we? Oh, let’s see… I started ChloeAsh knowing nothing about blogging. I just jumped right into it, because I didn’t expect anyone else other than myself would want to read it. I never would have appreciated photography if not for blogging. I took crappy photos initially, then started with a point and shoot without editing, then slowly improving, editing to get brighter photos and now still trying to be better. I cringe looking at my past photos now. Haha!




I started on Blogger then decided to go dot com earlier this year. Blogging can be a lonely hobby, but I feel like I’m part of  a family now. I have my Femme Boulevard family with Teri and Joey, and I’m also now a Lipstick Bandit! It’s a milestone for me, I tell you… and I am honoured and humbled. Never have I thought or aimed to be here. Believe you me, these are all accidental, and what great accidents these are. The biggest challenge this year gotta be doing different looks for you guys. I’m not very creative to start with, and Femme Boulevard & Lipstick Bandits pushed me beyond my comfort zone. It’s awesome!


FOTD2012 collage


2012 has been a great blogging year, and thank you all for your continuous support. I hope it’s been a good year for you too, and that 2013 will be even better 🙂


xoxo Lily