Sweet Lips With Dior Addict Cherie Bow Charmante

I love my Dior Addicts. Some are pigmented, some are sheer. Charmante is part of the Cherie Bow Collection for Spring 2013, and I have been wearing it nearly every day.

dior charmante


Dior Addict lipsticks are smooth and buttery, but not too much slip that it bleeds or feathers. Charmante is no different. I find it keeps my lips moisturized, without any signs of dryness. I don’t have dry lips to start with, but some lipsticks do make my lips flake. While it is very comfortable to wear Charmante, the wear time is quite limited. It stays on for about 2 to 3 hours tops, and I’d have to reapply. Not that I’m complaining though. It’s hard to get through a tube of lipstick as it is. It’s a dream to reapply, no signs of patchiness. It’s just like swiping on lip balm.


dior addict charmante


Charmante looks coral in the tube, but because of its sheerness, my natural lip colour peeks through. I would have liked it to be a little more opaque, but the softness of this colour oozes sweetness. If you are a girly girl, you would really like this shade. If you want a barely there shine with a hint of pinky coral, you must get Charmante. If you want a lipstick that goes with nearly everything, this is also your shade. I would also think that Charmante is the type of shade that looks different on every lip. Depending on your natural lip colour, Charmante can be more pink or coral.


charmante swatch


I have worn this lipstick in a few looks I have done, and I’ve noticed the colour looks different in some photos. It’s very likely due to the different lighting, but that just makes Charmante less boring. You can check it out here (paired with grey eyeshadow) and here (paired with pink eyeshadow). Picture below shows how much my natural lip colour shines through (quite a lot!). On my lips, Charmante looks more pink but on my hand in the photo above, it looks more coral.


charmante lip swatch


Have you checked out Dior Cherie Bow collection yet? Did you get anything? What about Dior Addict lipsticks? What is your favourite shade?


xoxo Lily


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