Dior Rose Charmeuse for Dior Spring 2013

It’s quite apparent we’re getting lots of pink this Spring. Pink eye shadows are something that never really attracted me. However, out of the 5 couleur eyeshadow palettes released for Spring 2013, this is the one that got my attention. I think it’s the hot pink and black combination that I find intriguing.

rose charmeuse 1

rose charmeuse 2

rose charmeuse 3


Top left we have a very pale pink shimmery pink that might be mistaken for an off white. Top right is a light pink with slightly shimmery satin finish. This shade is quite sheer. Bottom right, we have a brighter warm pink that is matte. I expected it to give me crazy pigmentation at one swipe, but it comes out soft. The most pigmented of the lot has to be the matte black. It’s great as a base or as a liner or even to darker the outer corners of the eyes. All these 4 shades pick up easily with minimal fall outs. They are soft to the touch and easy to blend.

The dud has to be the centre shade. While the shade is a beautiful light beige with hints of peach, there are little chunky glitter flecks that are not flattering on the eyes. I was hoping it’s just an over spray, but I think it is part of the shadow. When worn on the lids, the flecks look so out of place, and a little dirty. It’s as if I played with glittery Christmas ornaments and rubbed my eyes after to have those glitters transferred there. I think it would have been beautiful if Dior made this a high shimmer shade. Instead of chunky glitters, soft fine glitters would have been gorgeous. Such a potential, so sad.


rose charmeuse 4



As you can see, the peachy beige just blended with my skin colour. On my lids, it shows up after packing on lots of layers. It is in no fault of the shade. I think it would work great as a highlighter for darker skinned gals. That is, if you don’t mind the chunky glitters. The other colours swatch beautifully, and here is a look I came up with, incorporating all 5 shades.


Rose Charmeuse Look1


I used 2 all over my lids, 3 above my eye socket, 4 on the outer corners, stopping right at the socket (so it doesn’t cover the hot pink), 1 to highlight inner corners of the eyes and 5 to highlight brow bone area. 4 is also used to smudge the lower lash line. Also, I noticed a combination of shades 1+3+4 = purple. Haha! Blush used is Tender Coral, lipstick is Charmante. Both are also from Cherie Bow collection.




This palette retails for RM210 and is available at all Dior counters nationwide. Have you seen the Dior Spring 2013 Cherie Bow Collection yet? Is pink your colour?


xoxo Lily


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  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    AAAACK. I so DID NOT WANT THIS until you! It looks AMAZING on you! It’s so cool looking! Kind of edgy!
    Dang it…

    • Lol Tracy. You should check it out in person though. It’s an unexpectedly wearable palette because the colors are soft but definitely not a must have…

  • This is definitely the more interesting quint of the two, and I love the look you came up with! Reminds me of the fuchsia I wouldn’t wear separately in EL Violet Underground. When placed right it’s actually very interesting too!

    • Oh the violet underground it’s so much more pigmented, so that one is actually harder to wear. Pigmentation wise, I’d prefer EL and if you already have that, I don’t see why you’d need this, you know?

  • This so different with others pink eyeshadow i saw before.
    Like it, kind a style =)

    • Definitely edgier than your pastel pinks! 🙂

  • This is definitely an intriguing palette indeed. I love what you have done with it, I would be a bit hesitant of application, you rocked it!

    • Aaw thanks Taylor. It was hard to wear all 5 shades and this is the most unconventional way I could think of placing the pink… rather than having it on my lids only. I have done another simpler look with this palette though. Post scheduled for end of the week!

  • Like you, pink shadow isn’t something I’m drawn too. But it’s definitely a big trend at the moment (or at least – the beauty industry wants it to be a big trend…) and I love the look you created. It’s too bad about the chunky glitter in the peach shade, because I really like the base color

    • Thanks Catherine. Yeah, pity about the center shade. It could have been great!

  • Parita

    Loved your eye makeup look! its gorgeous! btw I have sent you an email..pls pls respond back..thank you

    • Hi Parita, yes, I received your email. I will reply you soon. Give me some time… Had a very busy weekend and just came back from a meeting outstation.

  • I LOVE the look you created Lily! Who knew that bright pink shadow could yield such a gorgeous, wearable look?!!

    • Thanks Becca! Stay tuned for another look I created with this palette. It’s a very simple step by step tutorial for a more sultry gaze!

  • Claire

    Oh I love that look you did with this palette! I love pink but find it really hard to wear. Can’t wait to get my hands on all the new Dior palettes and nail polishes though! 😀 … I will see what I will get finally, lol.

    • Thanks Claire <3 Can't wait to read what you think of them! Spring isn't exactly my favourite season, from pastels and pinks in makeup to hay fevers, but I'm sure some love it 🙂

  • liyeun

    Beauty! A lady can never get enough of pinks! I hav EL violet underground palette but im still gonna get this on the weekend! I see a hint of sexiness in the combination of colors. Thanks Lily!

    • A hint of sexiness is enough 🙂 There will be a little more on Friday though, so stay tuned! That is my preferred look using this palette compared to this one. Let me know what you think of the palette after you get it, k? 😀

      • Liyeun

        Sure! Can’t wait to see the other look!

        • 2 days. The short tutorial will be up 🙂

  • Nida

    Just like you I am not into Pink eyeshadows… lol

    • Glad I’m not the only one. I like pink blushes though 🙂

  • Althea Young

    This is truly perfect for pink shadows and you actually look good with that palette. By the way Thanks a lot for sharing this to us.

    • Aaw, thank you and you’re welcome! Glad you like the palette too 🙂

  • Liz

    I’d get a 3 + 4 duo but not the pale pinks. Nonetheless, the look you came up with is so pretty with a slight edge that I adore!

    • Haha thanks Liz. My favourite colours are also 3 and 4. I liked it so much I created a look just using these 2 🙂

  • Saw this earlier on the dept store today. I was very attracted by the lovely pink colors although I was quite unsure on how to wear it. Anyway your tutorial on this eyeshadow is really helpful 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked the tutorial. Makes all the time spent on editing worth while. Lol!