Dior Spring 2013 Cherie Bow Twinset Eyeshadows: Tried, Tested and….

It’s past midnight. The soy milk in my glass is empty. I stare at my computer screen. I hear crickets in my mind. Ugh! I was taught to keep quiet when I don’t have anything good to say. I have this awkward feeling writing a negative review, especially when I love Dior so much. Oh, oops! Did I give it away so soon? Oh well, here goes.




I was sent 2 shades: 840 Ballerina Pink and 060 Grey Sigh. The Twinset eye shadow is one of my lemmings because I was excited about the concept and it’s something new from Dior. One end of this pen is a sponge tip that picks up powder, and the other end is a thick pencil. This concept is not unlike the Shiseido Macquillage brow pencil I’m used to, where one end is a fine brow pencil, and the other end a sponge applicator with brow powder. This Twinset eyeshadow is just a fatter version.





I actually like this concept very much because it is very convenient, and I can just chuck this in my makeup bag and I’ll have a liner cum shadow. I find the powder to be like talcum. It doesn’t adhere to my skin very well. The powder is very light and airy, and there must be a base for it to stick to. That is why we have the other end of the pen. I use this thick liner as a base, applying it all over my lid before setting with powder. It actually applies very smooth without tugging my lids. This Twinset eye shadow is a bit on a sheer side, but pigmentation is buildable.




While the concept is there, the performance of the product is lacking. Even with primed lids, there is substantial sign of fading and creasing by the second hour. My lids are normal / oily (not too oily) and usually, Dior eye shadows stay on my lids for at least 4 hours even without any primer. That’s why I’m so disappointed. I LOVE how Grey Sigh looks on my lids, but I just can’t get it to stay fresh. I used the liner on my bottom lash line, and after a few hours, it’s completely gone. I think I applied it correctly, and the last time I checked, my makeup skill is a little above average >.< You can see how Grey Sigh looks on my lids here.

To be honest, I haven’t been using these much because after 3 tries and NOT getting them to work at all, I gave up. Is there anyone out there who don’t mind having these? Let me know. Maybe they will work better on you. I’m sorry, Dior. It’s not you. It’s my sometimes oily lids, I think. Still, I want these to work on me! Imagine the thrill of finally being able to try these babies, and then find out that they do not work at all. So sad 🙁 *sob* *pout* *wail* So, to complete the title, it should be “Tried, Tested and… Trashed Archived”. I don’t throw away makeup just because they don’t work, OK? Perhaps I can still use it if I know I’ll only be out for an hour. Eye makeup will stay fresh that way! Hahahaha 😀

Anyhoooo, I shall retire now… and dream about my version of the perfect Twinset 🙂

ps: Dear Dior, can you please try again with better formula? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?


xoxo Lily


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