Dry and Bumpy Skin: Skincare To Combat & Makeup To Camouflage

About a month ago, my skin condition got weird. It was behaving erratically, with sudden dry skin but oily T-zone, clogged pores and bumpy jawline. For my skin, I was either reacting adversely to a certain product, or it was hormones. Foundation with high alcohol content sat on top of my skin like clay mask and all dry patches and bumps were magnified. It was not flattering, nor was it comfortable. I then switched out some of my skincare and changed up my makeup routine. My skin is a lot calmer now, and is nearly restored to its original state. What did I do??


I used cleansers with salicylic acid to calm down the breakouts. During the day, I used Vichy Normaderm and in the evening, I used Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash to get rid of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is key to clear the clogged pores, so in the morning, I used my trusted Clarisonic with the Vichy Normaderm foaming cleanser for fresh skin. I probably won’t recommend too much exfoliation for those with sensitive skin, but it works great for mine. I also used a softening hydrating toner free of alcohol. For this, I use Lancome.


skincare for bumps


I never miss my Dior One Essential serum and it helps detoxify my skin anyway, so after this, I apply Clarins Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum to lighten the marks. After moisturizing my face with an oil-free moisturizer, I apply Differin as a topical treatment for the bumps. After a few days, smaller bumps disappeared while bigger ones take a little longer. My jawline is no longer bumpy, save just a couple of stubborn ones. Some bumps needed extraction, and once the bumps are dried up, they are easily removed.


skincare for bumps 2


Base Makeup

Do you use full coverage foundations when your skin is not cooperating, with hopes it’ll cover up imperfections? I usually try to avoid that. In fact, I make it a point to use products that make my face look even more natural and undone. During that breakout phase, I stayed away from foundations especially those high in alcohol content. I used Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Light. It only gives sheer coverage, but helps even out my skin tone and covers some redness. Furthermore, it absorbs into my skin when other foundations make my skin look absolutely fake and cakey. I use RMS ‘un’ cover up as a concealer (review coming up). It is an organic product good for problem skin. I find cream blushes are great for dry skin, and I just love Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. The colour I often used was Raspberry. It gives me a healthy natural flush. Then, I set everything using a brightening powder. I find that important when skin is especially dull.


makeup for dry bumpy skin


Now, my skin is much better and foundations are easily buffed in. No more bumps and flaky skin. What do you do when your skin is acting up? Do you stick to your skincare routine, or do you change it according to your skin condition?


xoxo Lily