January Empties

Empties time! I’m thinking of replacing this with a monthly favourites post, a hit or miss, or what’s in my bag, based on all the suggestions I received earlier. Furthermore, while I’ve been thriving at using up stuff, I doubt I can continue every single month. We’ll see. This month, I used up a little bit of everything. They are…

January Empties


Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips is one of my new favourites. It takes off stubborn eye makeup (read waterproof, smudge proof, long wearing stuff) with ease. I like to wet a cotton pad then press it over my eye for about 10 seconds before wiping off the makeup VERY gently. I have seen some of my friends remove makeup, and they scare me. Our eye area is very delicate, so we need to be extra careful.

Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Moisturizing Lotion in Fresh is quite expensive for a toner, and I have found a more affordable replacement in Lancome. However, this one from Dior does a great job in removing remaining residue from cleansing, and I find that it keeps my skin bright. I’ve read mixed reviews about toners, whether or not we really need them, and I have to say it depends on your skin type. My skin loves that extra bit of Tender Loving Care, so I don’t skip this step. I have tried giving it a miss, and trust me, after about 2 months, my skin looked dull.

MAC Brush Cleanser is not really one of my favourite brush cleansers. *don’t hit me* I’m having better luck with Barbara Hoffman cleansing soap but it’s a little dry for natural bristles. For that, I am thinking of replenishing my Bobbi Brown one. I’m using baby shampoo at the moment, and I don’t care what others say, it is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for Eyes, my staple for my eyes. I’ve used up more than 3 of these and I thought it might be time to change. When I was younger, my mom told me to be consistent with skincare because even though I might not see the effects then, I’d thank her when I’m older. I have to say it is especially true for my eye area. There are some fine lines popping up, but when compared to my peers, friends of the same age, I have less lines. Some ask me what I do, and my answer is “I started young”.

MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist has to be my favourite shade of the lot. Even though I haven’t used it up, it’s time to say goodbye. The cream eye shadow has dried up to the point of no return. I used to watch some videos on how to revive these paint pots, but I have to accept that our relationship has reached the point of no return. Adios. It was good while it lasted.


There you go. My 5 for this month. YOUR TURN!


xoxo Lily



  • Charlotte

    Wee, I have two empties this month!

    1. Biore eyes and lips make up remover
    2. Diorsnow White reveal UV shield SPF50 – LOVE this, pricey but worth the penny!

    • Oh I like both! Good job! So, what are you using now? Did you repurchase or try another?

      • Charlotte

        Repurchased both! Did not know what else to try, any recommendations?

        • I think the Biore one is worth repurchasing. As for sunscreen, I’m now loving Shiseido Perfect UV Protector. I just reviewed it recently 🙂

  • I REALLY like the EL ANR eye cream–I had a sample a little while ago and loved it! It’s so light and refreshing yet moisturizing and it smells good too! I really need to go get a full-size

    • If you like it so much, you should get it! I didn’t detect any scent from this serum though… and they have a new one now. Did you try that?

  • Nice! I had a nice bunch this month. A lot of skincare!

    • Gratifying 🙂 I’m gonna have quite a few come February too. Yay!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Nice empties! I love seeing what everyone uses up. I don’t do empties posts though haha-maybe I should start!

    • You should do it! I find that since I started doing Empties post, I actually make a conscientious effort to use up some stuff… which I think is great! Otherwise, I’d stray to satisfy my curiosity in other products, leaving behind half empty bottles. LOL!

  • Jennifer

    I used up my Clinique 7 day scrub. It was ok albeit the granules being quite large compared to Neutrogena. I love ANR eye cream. I am on my last jar of GWP but recently purchased full size because I love it. Yeah, I think it is good to start young but for me, I am a late bloomer but better late than never I guess lol. I use L’occitane soap for my brushes and so far so good.

    • I don’t use scrubs anymore, now that I use the Clarisonic. I have never used L’Occitane soap for brushes. Maybe I should try that 🙂

      • Jennifer

        Read a lot about Clarisonic. But there were some mixed reviews…maybe I will try it one day 🙂 For now, I try to scrub twice a week since my therapist has been consistently telling me to do that. Not sure if the scrubbing has done me any good, but lesser breakout and clogged skin should be a little benefit I guess. I got my Sigma brushes but have not washed them yet since purchase. I have been using the soap for my other cheapo brushes. Well…actually it was because I had no use of the soap and thought ok, why not use it for brushes since the soap is supposed to be quite mild lol.

        • I’ve read mixed reviews about Clarisonic too, but I’m sure there isn’t one thing that suits EVERY single person. I’m happy it works for me. I’d be very sad otherwise… it’s a pricey thing!

  • That is my biggest fear when buying paint pots — so far I’ve only ever purchased one, and we’ll see how it goes!

    • Yeah, I find paint pots dry much faster than my other creams…

  • Liz

    Great job!

    Empties doesn’t have to be monthly. I just do mine whenever I have at least 10 products to talk about. 🙂 But of course, if empties isn’t your thing, no need to force it! I want to see your monthly faves. 🙂

    • Monthly faves it is! Maybe I should combine them both if I have empties too. Like This Month’s Faves and Goners. LOL 🙂