Lighter Than Foundation, Better Than Tinted Moisturizer: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I don’t believe I’ve written about BB creams before. I am a fan of liquid foundations and I use powder foundations either as a setting powder, or on its own when I’m in a hurry. I don’t think I need to explain what BB creams are anymore, since the phenomenon has spread from Korea to Asia to everywhere now. I used Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream before I used foundations. Yup, I started on BB creams. And here’s my take on Bobbi Brown’s version.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream Light


BB creams usually have at least 3 common benefits to skin. It moisturizes, treats and protects. Some people skip moisturizer and sunscreen completely, but I never fail using my SPF50+++. ┬áDepending on your skin, you can apply this like you would any other foundations, that is after your skincare, on top of moisturizer and sunscreen. For those with very oily skin, I guess you can skip moisturizer, but I’m not one to tell you to skip your sunscreen ­čśë I have normal to combination oily skin, and I apply the works before using this. I have no problems with turning oil slick even without setting it with powder. A little blot around the 5th hour would do the trick. Setting it with powder will make it last even longer, providing a little more coverage too.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream cap


The BB cream has a thicker creamier consistency compared to the rest of my foundations. My liquid foundation stash consists mainly of light to medium coverage ones, and they are usually airy light in texture. This BB cream is the heaviest (texture wise) yet applies beautifully. It goes on creamy but sets dewy. I wouldn’t read dewy as oily, but rather semi matte, semi dewi. Initially, my skin does feel like there’s a thin film of cream sitting on top, but after about a minute or so, it sinks into the skin. If you like the powdery feel, you could always top it with loose powder. I like to set it using powder foundation for more coverage. This BB cream does not cover much. It evens out my skin tone and covers mild redness. For blemishes, I suggest using a concealer.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream Light Swatch


Here’s a before after just to show you the coverage. I applied just the BB cream after my skincare. No powder or concealer. The shade I’m using is Light (there are 5 shades, lightest being Extra Light). It has yellow undertones without much pink in it at all. I love it because that’s what my skin needs. If you’re one who needs something more neutral and something that leans pink, you might want to try it out before purchasing. I like to apply BB creams with my fingers. I squeeze some onto my ring finger, dab it all over my face, gently pat then blend out. I find that when I do this, there is less rubbing and I’m being more gentle with my face. Also, the product sets faster.




As you can see, there is less redness but blemishes are still visible. You also probably won’t notice extra sheen on my face, because there isn’t. I really think this is suitable for those with combination oily skin, but I’m not too sure about those with very oily skin. You’ll have to let me know. Another thing I’d like to add is to let you in on the scent. I prefer something without any scent, or something very light, and this one has a stronger sunscreen smell. I would say the scent is consistent to my Skin79, so I don’t know if it’s a BB cream thing -_-

Here is the ingredient list for those who are interested.




The 30ml Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 retails for RM150. Have you tried this before? If you haven’t, have you tried any other BB creams before? Any luck?


xoxo Lily