Monthend Tastebuds: Let’s Drink Some Tea

This post is inspired by Liz of Beauty Reductionista where she talks about her love for tea. Unlike Liz, I don’t drink much coffee. While others claim they need coffee to kick start their day, or to stay awake, I claim that coffee does nothing to me. I will still doze off. I guess sleep overpowers everything else. I’m a tea drinker. I love my tea, Chinese tea, but I’ve never really talked about it. I guess I just don’t talk tea language. So, tea experts, please don’t judge. It’s just my way of drinking tea, so right or wrong, it’s just my way 😛

I wanted to show you these tea, which belong to my in-laws. They like collecting tea, and they have expensive taste. I don’t. When I’m lazy, I just buy my Twinnings Jasmine Green Tea and dunk it in hot water. These leaves are packed in paper, and the older they are, the better. To drink, we just take some loose leaves and put it in a pot. There are many types of tea leaves, from black tea to flower tea to oolong tea. I like my ti kuan yin, chrysanthemum, cha wang and po lei (also known as pu-erh).




Now, teapots are part of the fun. I bought this Tenmoku tea set for a reasonable price. The set consists of a tea pot, tea holder and 6 little cups. They sit prettily on one of the cabinets in the dining room. We used it before, but sets get rotated.


tenmoku collage


There are different ways of drinking tea. I prefer it to be minimalistic, but my in-laws have a ritual. They like to use little clay pots and cups. If they’re plastic, they’d look like they fit in my children’s playroom. They are super adorable. Usually, hot water is poured onto all the pots and cups, to warm them up before using. Some also believe that teapots aren’t meant for washing. I was told that tea tastes better if the teapot is older. Unfortunately for me, my tastebuds aren’t sophisticated enough to tell.


clay set

clay set open

pot details


Just to show you some different types of tea pots in the house….




So that’s just a brief overview of tea talk. We like to drink tea as it is. It is weird to drink it with milk and sugar. Because I’m used to drinking tea as is, I can’t bring myself to add anything to my Earl Grey either. Personally, I’m used to having tea with my meals, or with snacks. I especially love my tea with dim sum. It just isn’t the same without a hot little cup to sip after a bit of char siew pau. Some say tea has the ability to wash off fats from food. I usually search for proof, but in this case, true or false, I’d like to believe it. Drinking tea will be that much sweeter with that added fact.

Let me end this post with a short story. I was 4 years old. We went to a dim sum place for breakfast and I was apparently taking my own sweet time, a char siew pau in my left hand, and a little cup of tea in my right. One bite of food, one sip of tea. My parents were threatening to leave me there, and I just ignored them, slowly sipping my tea. I guess I started young. LOL!

What about you? Are you a tea drinker? What tea do you like? Do you prefer coffee with your meals?


xoxo Lily