A Brief Write Up On Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50 PA+++

I am picky with sunscreens. I have mentioned before that I dislike sunscreens that are heavy or greasy. Sometimes I go out right after work, and those dinner or outings might call for flash photography. I also dislike sunscreens that give me a white cast. That is why I love my Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50 PA+++. I talked about Shiseido Multi-DefenseΒ UV Protector a long time ago, and I still can’t figure out what the difference is. The only obvious one I see is the blue rim, and perhaps the words “Very Water Resistant”.


shiseido 1

shiseido 2


The Perfect UV Protector is quite small and lightweight, so I love this for travels. I usually shake the bottle before applying, but the texture is very fluid so I have to be a little more careful. It might drip onto my vanity. It goes on very smooth and dries to nothing on my skin. My skin looks semi matte but feels moisturized at the same time. The smoothness is mostly due to all those silica in the ingredients, so if you’re one who avoids that ingredient, then this might not be for you.


shiseido 3


I think this sunscreen is great as a base under makeup. I’ve been skipping face primers because I think this is mattifying enough for my skin already. I used it on a weekend outing where lots of sweat was involved, and guess what? I didn’t look too shiny. I thought that fact was amazing enough. A little shine after sweat is only natural, but this sunscreen didn’t magnify it and turn me into a light reflector.


shiseido 4


I’ve been using this for quite a few months now, and I do not experience any break outs from it. As you can see from the ingredients below, alcohol is ranked number 4, but I don’t feel any dryness from using this. That said, do note I have normal sometimes oily combination skin. I won’t be able to advise if you had drier skin.


shiseido ingredients


I can’t seem to tell you much about this because I feel like I’ve already said everything in my Multi Defense post, even though it was a short one. In my opinion, this is just another version, another packaging, but the SA told me that Multi Defense is for the body and this is for the face. I’m confused. When I bought the Multi Defense, I was told it was for the face -_- I bought this Perfect UV Protector for about RM125 which is the same as the Multi Defense. Sigh. I hate it when brands confuse me. Either way, this is a great one and you should try it. The end.


xoxo Lily




  • Sounds lovely Lily! I hate greasy sunscreens, the oiliness never goes away. It’s so dark and dreary here, I can’t wait to slather my face with sunscreen πŸ™‚

    • You have to try this Taylor. It’s really good… It’s already end of January, a few more months and you’ll start seeing the sun again. Yay!

  • Claire

    Even though my skin is dry, I don’t like greasy ss as well. My HG is melascreen (ducray). I use ss all year round, spf 50+. loved the review Lily!

    • Thanks Claire. I haven’t heard of Ducray Melascreen before… *runs off to google it*

  • Victoria

    I love this sunscreen and I bought it after reading Paris post about this item. It really leaves my skin so matte and after a whole day using it, my face is not shiny at all. Paris said she applied it on her neck but when I did, I found my skin flaky after a few days. Not sure if you experienced the same effect. I actually bought this for RM130 and did not realised that it was cheaper?

    I also tried Kiehl’s sunscreen since it is their best seller but I found my face quite shiny by lunch time. I also heard raves about the Clarins sunscreen but I guess like Paris said that in terms of value for money, the Shiseido one is really worth it as it is 50 ml.

    • Hi Victoria, I usually apply sunscreen on my face, and drag leftovers on to my neck. Or, if there are other sunscreens that I find too oily for my face, I’d use it on my neck. I don’t experience any flaking though. Ah, it is RM130!! Thanks for pointing it out to me πŸ™‚

  • Sofia

    I think I look for the same characteristics as you do in a sunscreen: lightweight, doesn’t leave a white cast, not oily, easy to put make up on top etc… So I love seeing which sunscreens you recommend πŸ™‚

    • That’s excellent! What sunscreen do you use? Perhaps it would be good for me too πŸ™‚

      • Sofia

        I really like the last one I bought which is French pharmacy brand: Nuxe Γ‰cran Prodigioux SPF30. I usually always do SPF 50 apparently there is not that much difference and the lady insisted that it is not greasy, (I have oily skin) i find it light and matte, doesn’t leave a white cast, and I threw the box away but I’m pretty certain it doesnt have alcohol. I don’t know the availability of these products there, but theres also a Spanish brand called ISDIN which makes excellent sun protection products, with all the textures and degrees of protection possible. They also make a lovely matte one which is SPF 50. Its weird when you move somewhere you have to find whats available to you, I think half of Shiseido products isn’t available where I am.

        • Oh, I haven’t tried anything from Nuxe and I haven’t heard of ISDIN. Both sound lovely! Too bad you can’t get Shiseido there. If you need a CP, then just let me know πŸ™‚

  • This sunscreen is really one of the best I’ve tried. Shiseido really knows sunscreen! I am *terribly* picky when it comes to sunscreen too (in fact, currently writing a sunscreen wars post. I tried WAY too many the past year and Shiseido’s was one of the best!) but Shiseido’s really doesn’t make me feel too slippery and/or greasy. It doesn’t make me white or break out or anything. The only minor flaw is that it does tend to sting my eyes if I apply too close to my eye area. Do you experience that too, Lily?

    • I don’t apply sunscreen anywhere near my eye, Becca, so I wouldn’t know. I try to avoid that area if I could, and whenever I go out, I make sure I have sunnies on πŸ™‚

  • liyeun

    I totally agree with becca! Shiseido makes the best sunscreens……^_^ im just wondering when are they gonna do a tinted one?

    • That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it? What an excellent idea!

  • I find sunscreens impossible! Chemical ones clog my pores and physical ones look so white, lol. This one looks promising, I have one from Shiseido and it’s one of the only ones that I stick to!

    • This one is really good. Have you tried it before? Some sunscreens break me out too, and it’s horrible! Knowing what works and what doesn’t really saved my life.

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Hmmm, I don’t think we have this one here. Ours is in a blue container! But I should check.
    I do love how this works under makeup too! Probably my fave one.

    • We have the blue one too but those are much thicker. If it’s not available there and if you want to try, let me know. CP is always available!

  • I have heard lots of good things about this product. I think wearing sunscreen is very appropriate for country like Singapore when it tends to be hot most of the time especially when the sunscreen provides SPF 50+ πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, Singapore and Malaysia share the crazy hot and humid weather, so this sunscreen should be suitable for both of us. I wear sunscreen no matter where I am. I made the mistake of not wearing it during winter, and in that few years, I developed freckles -_-

  • I can tell a difference between the “grey” and “blue” rimmed one!! The “grey” is meant to be more moisturising (oily in my very own words) whereas the Perfect UV Protector is less moisturising as it’s meant to be used as a multi-purpose product : face and body!
    Also, I think the UV perfector cost me RM130 and there is a difference in volume! =D The Multi-Defense UV Protector only gives you 30ml whereas this gives you 50ml!
    Ol’ cheapskate me just had to make all those comparisons before settling in for a purchase. Hehe!

    Pardon me if my comment sounds rather.. Aunty-ish but I hyperventilate a little bit when someone talks about my favourite sunscreen in the world. πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha!!! Trust you to know all the difference. I really couldn’t tell if Multi Defense is more moisturizing, but great to know that Perfect UV Protector is more value for money πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Which Shiseido sunscreen variety would you recommend then for skin that’s oily, acne-prone and sensitive? I wouldn’t want to look greasy as well, but I read a few blogs that claim so.

  • Liz

    I went on a long sunscreen hunt and settled on Shiseido as well (the blue ones that are sold in North America). I loved the texture and how it almost acted as a primer underneath makeup. But unfortunately it made me break out and I had to give it away. Neutrogena works well for me so I’m sticking with the cheap stuff that has proven effective. Glad to hear this works well for you!

    • The blue ones are sold here too, and I thought they were much thicker, and a lot more tackier. It’s unfortunate that it broke you out though. My friend swears by it. I tried the Neutrogena Helioplex one… the one for body and it’s really good. My hubs uses it every time he goes diving. I haven’t seen one that is especially for the face though. Might go have a look. I go through sunscreens very quickly and it’d be great if I could find a cheaper alternative that works!

  • Lily

    Hi Satsuki. Thanks for your feedback! I usually use makeup remover before cleanser anyway, since it is SPF50 after all. I’m quite finicky like that πŸ™‚