Sunday Sharing: A Peek Into My Makeup Pouch

Do you keep a separate makeup pouch / bag? Where do you keep it? I have a Shu Uemura makeup bag which fits quite a few things in it. I keep this bag in my office. Sometimes when I’m pressed for time, I’d arrive at my office bare faced, and quickly put on some colour. All it takes is 5 minutes. This bag of makeup stayed unchanged for the past 3 weeks and here they are.

makeup bag


For me, the most important would be my base makeup. I have been loving this combo and I’ve been using it religiously. I apply the Bobbi Brown BB Cream on my entire face and dab on some RMS ‘un’ cover up where needed. With my ring finger, I dab some Raspberry on my cheeks, and set everything with this Dior face powder. It is not cakey, it doesn’t make me look oily. Some pigmentation spots still show, but that’s how I’ve always preferred it. Erm, excuse the dirty sponge. I sometimes put a powder brush in the bag because I prefer to dust some powder on.




When the base is done, I’d curl my lashes with Lunasol lash curler, tightline my eyes and apply 2 coats of mascara. When I have more time, I would dab on some eye shadow. At the moment, the one in my bag is Dior Twinset Grey Sigh because I’m testing the wear. Otherwise, I’d leave it like that. Brows must be filled in and I’ve been using this Empro brow pencil for the last few months because I really want to use it up. I’d finish the look by dabbing some Raspberry on my lips. Minimal makeup, yes. At least I don’t look like the undead -_-


makeup in the bag


In my handbag, I always have a lipstick for touch ups. At the moment, it’s Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie. I change this quite frequently. What about you? Do you keep any makeup in your office? What makeup goodies do you have in your handbag?


xoxo Lily