A Mulberry Popped My Burberry Beauty Cherry

I was a Burberry Beauty virgin. Pure as snow, despite temptations everywhere. For a long time, I held my ground. For the longest time, I was also curious, just like any child. I wanted my first experience to be memorable, a good one. I did painstaking research, trying to decide my first. You have no idea how difficult it is for this fickle mind of mine. In the end, I chose a sheer eye shadow number 24 called Mulberry.


burberry beauty

burberry logo

burberry back


The metallic Burberry check casing is heavy. It is sleek. It is clean. It is, well, Burberry after all. It is a little masculine, a little strong, a little hard, a little cold. City chic? Classy and posh? Yup, it is sophisticated and arrogant at the same time. I love it. It holds a hefty 2.5g of product and opens up to the print we are all familiar with. So, because I don’t want to mess up the print, I have been using the top left corner of the eye shadow only. My eye shadow brush fits perfectly, and the rest of the print stays intact ๐Ÿ˜‰




On me, this shade is warmer and less red. I have seen some swatches online, and Mulberry seems more burgundy on them. On me, it looks more brown with a tinge of burgundy. Not noticeable. I wish it was a little more red like what I saw hereย and but the colours are supposed to work differently on different skin tones. Also, I realised the colour changes with different lighting. When I use flash photography, the shimmers show up more, but the photo below is taken without flash, in natural daylight. That’s the colour you’ll see on my lids anyway. I still think it is beautiful, with texture to die for. It is smooth and so easy to blend, and the intensity is also buildable. On my oily lids, and WITHOUT primer, it stays on for 6 hours without creasing. That’s a WOW for me ๐Ÿ™‚




Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows sell for RM105 in Malaysia, and there is only one teeny weeny counter at Isetan KLCC. Just one. In the whole country. Dear Burberry, if you’re reading, and I hope you are, could you please open up more stores? Why are you being so elusive? A little anti social here, perhaps? Hahaha! We’d love to see more of you around because your stuff is absolutely awesome!

So guys, what is your first Burberry Beauty item? If you haven’t popped yours, what do you want your first to be?


xoxo Lily