Latest Guerlain Lemmings: Blanc de Pearl

Lemmings are harmless. Unless it turns into an ugly obsession. I have a few press images for you, so that perhaps, you’d share my drool and I’d feel less lonely. Blanc de Pearl skincare and makeup should be out this month, so when you’re reading this, it might be available already. However, I’m pretty sure it is Asia exclusive, so if you’re drooling on the other side of earth, I feel you buddy. Here are some visuals, and a few products I’m particularly interested in.


Blanc de Pearl skincare range


I’m a sucker for serums / essence, and particularly so when they claim to be able to reduce my dark spots. Hence, this…




And of course, there is…




… which boasts porcelain skin and flushed pink cheeks…


makeup lemming


I cannot miss the Sakura blush this time. I missed the previous Blush G Serie Noir and I’ve been regretting it! And then, of course, I’m still looking for my first tub of ballz. These white glistening ballz look pretty good šŸ™‚ Little ballz in a bottle catch my eye too. I guess it’s just them blardy ballz -_-

Do you see anything you like?


xoxo Lily



  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections


    • I know right? Is it available in Canada? If you need help, just let me know!

      • Liz

        I might call upon your help. The original Blush G needs its twin!

        AND WHITE BALLZ. *__*

        • Sure thing. Just let me know šŸ™‚

          • BooBooNinja

            Oh my. That blush slays me too.

            • I know right? Gorgeous!

  • Petrina

    I wanted the blush too but I’ve read some reviews that its not very pigmented? I love the meteorites – in fact I have a tub from 1999 and I still use it! ( blogged here

    • Thanks for sharing! Yeah, I read that the blush isn’t as pigmented, but does it even matter? Lol! Truthfully, the Japanese blushes I own are mostly sheer and I still love them šŸ™‚

  • This reminds me to start using my Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire hehe šŸ™‚

    • Oh I’m jealous! I want that and there’s no way I can get it anymore šŸ™

  • Already got my Blush G Sakura a while ago from Selfridge’s and will pick up the meteorites once they’re out. They seem to launch a little later than the other products. I have last year’s ones and ain’t sure if these aren’t the exact same ones.. I really don’t mind having another tub of powder pearls, but if they look the same, what’s the point?

    • A tub of meteorites lasts you for ages so I think it’s more of collecting them only. Lol! But you’re right. Should get different ones for sure!

      • I collect them since 2006, I have ten or more tubs lol. As well as their sublime radiant powder sprays they produce for their Christmas collections. I’m a diehard Guerlain fan. Btw, you’re located in ML? I’m a new reader and haven’t really found out where you live yet haha. Can you just walk into a store and purchase these Asia-exclusives? I’m so jealous!

        • I have ONLY just discovered makeup in 2006. LOL! You ARE a serious Guerlain fan. Whoa… I live in Malaysia and yes, I get Asia-exclusive products. Don’t be jealous though. There are so many brands that are not available in this country. Even Guerlain counters are elusive >.<

          • Try living and shopping in Germany then. It’s suicidal!

            • Oh I’d love to visit Germany one day šŸ™‚

  • Oh I really want that blush! In fact, I want all the Guerlain products! lol

    • I know eh? I wonder if it’s a good thing… Me discovering Guerlain, that is. Haha!

  • I has the white balls! And they are actually so amazing! Gives the most pretty glow without looking like a glitter ball, lol. I’m madly in love with the blush *jealous* :p

    • Ah, I have to get the white ballz then! If you want help to get the blush, just let me know šŸ™‚

  • Omg those metiorites look so gorgeous! Just like pearls. The blusher is also stunning!

    • Don’t they? So beautiful!