Latest Guerlain Lemmings: Blanc de Pearl

Lemmings are harmless. Unless it turns into an ugly obsession. I have a few press images for you, so that perhaps, you’d share my drool and I’d feel less lonely. Blanc de Pearl skincare and makeup should be out this month, so when you’re reading this, it might be available already. However, I’m pretty sure it is Asia exclusive, so if you’re drooling on the other side of earth, I feel you buddy. Here are some visuals, and a few products I’m particularly interested in.


Blanc de Pearl skincare range


I’m a sucker for serums / essence, and particularly so when they claim to be able to reduce my dark spots. Hence, this…




And of course, there is…




… which boasts porcelain skin and flushed pink cheeks…


makeup lemming


I cannot miss the Sakura blush this time. I missed the previous Blush G Serie Noir and I’ve been regretting it! And then, of course, I’m still looking for my first tub of ballz. These white glistening ballz look pretty good 🙂 Little ballz in a bottle catch my eye too. I guess it’s just them blardy ballz -_-

Do you see anything you like?


xoxo Lily