RMK Liquid Foundation Is All Hearts

Japanese brands make pretty decent base products. Another thing that I love is the fact that the bases are usually less pink. I love my Lunasol Water Gel foundation, something which I will write about one day, but I also heart my RMK Liquid Foundation. This is my first RMK product, and this is what I think about it.





The packaging is a cute rectangular bottle which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Choose me. Open up. Take me. Good thing it doesn’t say Eat Me. While it doesn’t shrink me in size, nor does it make me a giant, it does pretty good things to my face. The bottle has an open mouth without a pump, and this is the only thing that I dislike. When I pour out the foundation, I have to clean the little opening every single time. I also have to be careful of the amount I pour out, but so far, I’ve been controlling my enthusiasm.




I got the lightest shade which leans yellow, that is the number 101. As you can see in the picture below, it goes on quite warm, but once blended, it matches my skin completely. The texture is rather fluid, and application with either a brush or with fingers are both just as pleasurable. The RMK Liquid Foundation is very smooth to touch. It glides on and buffs into the face effortlessly. There are no streaks I have to take care of, doesn’t emphasize pores, doesn’t emphasize lines. I usually like to apply it with a foundation brush, warm up my palms then very gently pat my face. I find that this extra step makes me look that much more natural. Don’t believe me? Try it 🙂


RMK swatch

RMK before after


Picture above shows how my skin transforms. My bare face is quite red and there is some unevenness. I’m also experiencing some hormonal breakout when the photos are taken, hence some blemishes on my forehead. The picture in the centre shows me wearing the RMK Liquid Foundation only. I’m sure you can tell that redness is covered, some dark circles reduced, blemishes appear less inflamed. The last picture on the far right is a completed base routine –> foundation, concealer and powder. I love the combination of RMK Liquid Foundation, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Chanel Poudre Universelle. It makes my skin look naturally bright and well kept. The foundation doesn’t oxidize on me, doesn’t break me out and doesn’t grease up by lunch time. I can wear it the whole day by just blotting once, and by the end of the day, I received comments saying I looked especially fresh.


RMK ingredients


The RMK Liquid Foundation retails for RM150 and has been available for a while now. Took me a long time to jump on this bandwagon, but I’m glad I did. Have you tried this foundation before? Does it work as well on you?


xoxo Lily