Sunday Sharing: 2013 Loves So Far

I have requests for favourites posts. Makeup wise, I can be stuck in a rut sometimes. I do have the basics down, but I might skip on colours when I’m in a hurry. I don’t change my skincare often, and I have a habit of using up a certain product before trying new ones. I have a penchant for accessories like rings, necklaces and earrings, so perhaps I’ll show you something….

I have been using RMS ‘un’ cover up and Lunasol Pressed Face Colour a lot. On days I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, I’d just pat on ‘un’ cover up on problem areas like dark circles and some blemishes, powder my face and go. These 2 products have been my lazy days go to (which is a lot these days!), or even on really hot days when I don’t like putting on foundation.


face products

Laziness aside, I am determined to use up at least one lip product, and I chose Lunasol gloss in Clear Red Beige because it is so easy to use. I am going through a phase of layering lip products and I am enjoying this lip trio. Dior Lip Maximizer as a base (LOVE the minty tingling sensation. It’s like, if I may, a lip orgasm), Revlon Blushing Nude, topped with Lunasol Clear Red Beige. If you haven’t tried the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick, you have to. I already grabbed three different shades and they are all lovely.


lip products



For this post, I went through my accessories drawer. I found that I just don’t have anything dainty! It hit me that size does matter to me. Whadayaknow 🙂 I love chunky rings, chunky bracelets, but give me a chunky necklace and you’d have chopped off my neck and made me a troll. My wardrobe is full of boring blacks and neutrals, so my accessories are usually a little bit more colourful. I love this blue one I got from Aldo. It adds a tonne to my pointer but at least it’s my workout of the day. LOL!


Aldo ring


I was travelling a little during the holidays and I realised I haven’t talked about these nifty little bullets before. I depot eyeshadows and blushes for travel, and I absolutely hate travelling with perfumes so I don’t….. until I discovered Travalo. To you people who made it possible, to you intelligent people who created Travalo, I love you!!!




Last but not least, this is a little cheat, because I haven’t even worn it yet. This is a little sneaky haul. I bought this not long ago, for half the price. It retails for RM299, but at RM150, I bought it immediately. It is comfortable, and it looks Oh. So. Sexy. I told you I wear black a lot right? Yeah, I like pairing black outfit with brighter shoes, or brighter bags. Don’t want people to think I just came back from a funeral 😛


Lewre pumps


There you go. Just to show you some of my favourites so far. I didn’t think it would be this difficult putting it together. Haha! Hope you enjoyed this post!!


xoxo Lily