Blush Fiends: Springtime Blush

For our second edition of Blush Fiends, we decided to feature a blush for Spring. I love the flowers that bloom during Springtime. The greens, the colours, the pastels. However, I hated the season. It gave me coughing fits, it gave me hay fevers, my nose was constantly red and swollen, my eyes were constantly watery. I was at a lecture, and I was coughing non stop, I couldn’t breathe. Every one was looking at me like I was a freak.

Anyway, back to the blush. One of my favourite flowers has to be the orange Gerbera. It’s a type of daisy and I find it bright and cheerful. I used to buy a bunch of it and put it in my dorm room and I’d feel happy immediately. This shade is not as bright, but it does explain why I love it, doesn’t it?



It’s orange / coral!! I bring you Chanel Frivole, from their latest Spring collection. I’d say this is a coral because it’s not really orange and there is a hint of pink in it, but I tell you, I hate that term coral and I know I’m not alone (hi Larie! *wave*). I get confused when people use the term coral red, coral pink, coral whatever. I don’t get it. So, I’m not even gonna try. All I know is that this looks good 🙂


frivole back


This baked blush is not hard or sheer at all. It is rather pigmented and I find that the formula is quite soft. I wonder if it’s the new formula that everyone’s been talking about, but the downside is that it kicks up a bit of powder. Instead of tapping my brush on Frivole and apply it on my cheeks immediately, I take more product from the pan, swirl the product at the back of my hand to work the product into the brush, then lightly apply it on my cheeks. I find that this method allows smoother application, no patchiness, and I can add the intensity slowly. When I swirl the brush at the back of my hand, most of the product is taken off there. Have you tried this?

For this post, I got rid of my lazy bug and did some comparison for you. Here is what it looks like, compared to Diorblush Tender Coral and Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral Pot Rouge.


blush comparison

comparison swatch


Cabo Coral is a tad bit darker while Tender Coral is more pink. Frivole is brighter and more orange and it brightens my complexion quite well. I’d say Frivole is in between Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral and Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral. I bet I could get pretty close by mixing the two. Why didn’t I think of that when I was taking the pictures? Hmph! Below, I wear it with Chanel Notorious to contour. I am also wearing a new foundation that is O.M.G… it’s liquid foundation that is like my skin, only better. I will talk about it one day, I promise.


frivole fotd


What do you think? Spring enough for ya?

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xoxo Lily