Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipsticks. Are They All That?

I have read so many positive reviews about Burberry Lip Covers. I saw beautiful swatches online, and have been dying to try them. So off to the only Burberry counter in the country I went, and asked for an understated colour that I could wear every day. I was recommended the Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick in No.32 Sepia Pink.


sepia pink_1

sepia pink_2


Of all the lipsticks I have, this Burberry one has the best packaging. It is chic and sleek, dark metallic casing embossed with the household print of the Burberry check. It is angular in every way, with every line clean and crisp, measured to detail. The lipstick bullet itself has the Burberry check! The well thought out details, the symmetry, the elegance, they are what I call… perfection. The cap of the lipstick magnetically snaps into place and just taking it out to re-apply makes me feel posh.


sepia pink_4

sepia pink_3


The outer appearance of this lipstick definitely scored all the points. It won me over. So when it comes to the performance of the lipstick itself, I had even higher expectations. Could I get any greedier? Let’s talk texture. The Soft Satin Lipstick glides on smoothly. It doesn’t have too much slip, and it does not tug either. It doesn’t feel moisturizing, and yet it is not drying. My lips feel comfortable, like it’s not wearing anything at all. It is light weight and long wearing at the same time. Sepia Pink wears a little more than 4 hours on me. It fades quite naturally without the unsightly lip ring. I don’t feel like I need to scrub my lips clean before re-applying, but habits die hard. I always do anyway. Sepia Pink is a shade that is just that. Imagine taking a photo of a pink flower then using the sepia filter over it.


sepia pink_swatch


This is an incomplete review because there isn’t a lip swatch included. Also, while everything else seems perfect, there is one thing that bothers me. The scent. It has a flowery, powdery scent to the lipstick which does transfer to how it tastes. I have the tendency to lick my lips and every time I do it, I go “Yuk”! I suppose it’ll be good if I want to kick the habit. The scent and taste put me off licking my lips. LOL! The scent is similar to that of Bobbi Brown lipsticks and Estee Lauder lipsticks. It is more pronounced than Bobbi Brown ones, and as bad as Estee Lauder’s older lipsticks. I dare say the newer versions aren’t as strong. It matters a lot to me, as you can see, since this whole paragraph is about how much I dislike it! It reminds me of the lipsticks of the 80’s. My mom’s and my grandma’s lipsticks. I prefer my lip products to be scentless and tasteless. MAC’s smell like vanilla, but they are (at the very least) tasteless.

OK, enough whining because I’m sure many of you aren’t bothered by it. The Burberry Lip Covers retail for RM96 and is only available at Burberry Isetan KLCC in Malaysia. You can also get it online, from strawberryNet which delivers for free, but they are much pricier online.

I will do a FOTD with this lipstick, don’t worry 🙂 It’ll be up soon! Have you tried any Burberry lip products before? Are you a fan? Do you prefer scentless lip products or are you OK either way?


xoxo Lily