Get Defined Eyes with Dior Diorshow Art Pen and Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Dior came up with some pretty cool new items recently. They are the Diorshow Art Pen, which is a liquid eye liner pen, and Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara. I have been using these 2 items quite a bit lately, and the Art Pen is my go to liquid eye liner. I have always loved my New Look Mascara, but this Iconic Overcurl is pretty amazing too.


defined eyes 2

defined eyes 1


The Diorshow Art Pen is a sharp felt tip pen that is flexible for both thick and fine lines. When you apply less pressure, you can get the thinnest line ever. With a bit of pressure, you can get a more dramatic line. To achieve the perfect cat eye with a pointy wing, this is what I reach for. The felt tip is so sharp that I don’t have any problems with it. If you are new to liquid eye liners, it can be a bit tricky. The felt tip pen is not too stiff, but it does have a bit of give. Compared to L’Oreal’s felt tip eyeliner pen, I prefer this. The tip is much more pointy, and it doesn’t move around too much, unlike the L’Oreal’s. If you compare this to MAC’s Penultimate Liquid eyeliner, Dior’s Art Pen is less stiff and hard. For me, the Art Pen is just right. It’s not so stiff that it scratches my eye and it has just the right give so that I can still have 100% control over it. It also has a glossy finish so if it’s not your taste, just use a matte black powder over it. This Art Pen is NOT waterproof so you can just rinse it away. It stays the whole day on my lash line, but if I were to apply a very thick line, the fold of my normal / oily lids and all the blinking will smudge it away. To make it stay, setting it with a black eye shadow does the trick for me.


artpen felt tip

artpen doodle


The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara has a big V-curled wand with long and short bristles. It catches all my lashes with just one scoop of the wand. I was definitely impressed. I think it would work better for those with larger eyes and longer lashes. Mine are of medium length, but I still have to exercise this with care. The mascara is easily transferred onto my lids if I’m not careful. However, Dior has a “magic pen” that will erase it with ease. I will talk about that another day. This mascara leaves my lashes soft and long, and it volumizes in just 2 coats. The formula of this mascara works well on my lashes and it keeps the curl nearly the whole day.


iconic overcurl wand


Here is a before after photo for you to see the difference. On the left is my bare eye and curled lashes. See how fine the lashes are? On your right, I lined my eyes very thinly and then I thickened the line as it goes out. I only applied two coats of the mascara. Can you see how much it volumizes? You can see my lashes THROUGH the eyeliner. For me, it’s good enough already. I like doing this for an every day look. You’ll be surprised how much more awake I look with just these 2 products. Makes my eyes look bigger too, don’t you think?



The Art Pen retails for RM105 and the Iconic Overcurl Mascara retails for RM110. Have you tried these yet? Have you tried my simple technique to get defined eyes?


xoxo Lily


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  • Arggghh want to try this now!! 😛 I told myself no more high-end mascaras–especially Dior. I bought the Diorshow mascara a couple of years ago after all the hype but it failed MISERABLY–was one of the clumpiest, gunkiest mascaras I had EVER tried! But this one looks promising…:P

    • Diorshow mascaras I find are the best for volume. I usually use a lash comb after application but for this, I don’t have to! If you can get your hands on a sample, you have to try this… and the New Look mascara of course. I love that one 🙂

  • Oh wow! This looks amazing! I do want to try this one and I’m very impressed with you photos!

    • Aww, thanks Taylor! You gotta try this. Both of them are pretty good. They don’t irritate my eyes, and get the job done very easily 🙂

  • Did you just say magical eraser!!!? I need to know about this, lol! I still need to try out my Iconic Mascara but you all make it sound real good! It seems to hold the curl, right? Yaay! That’s my biggest issue with most mascaras. I like the eyeliner too, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to shell out that much money for an eyeliner, eeek!

    • Yes! Magic eraser. Review coming up soon 🙂
      You gotta try this mascara. I suppose it would work even better for those with longer lashes, and I’m not sure how it fares on short stubby lashes… on mine, it works great! You need to at least try this eyeliner on at the counter. I’ve always used the L’Oreal one (flimsy felt tip), tried the one from MAC (too stiff and scratchy) and Kate as well (pain to remove!), and by far, I love this so much more.

  • Oh, used in tandem, they do give a nice, well-defined eye! Very lovely!

    • Glad you agree 🙂

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I gotta try this mascara! I love when they have a curved wand!

    • You have to try it. I mean, I have fine lashes and it volumizes in only 2 coats. Amazing!

  • BIG fan of the mascara! The liner would be great for anyone who just uses it on their lash lines, but for my purpose it’s not as long-lasting as an eyeliner can get! Defined eyes for the win!

    • I think it’s also due to the fact that the eye liner isn’t waterproof. It does crease when I draw a thicker line. It’s the fold of my lids. Darn it!

  • Oh my, I used this eyeliner before (in fact, was my first!) bought together with Dior Black Mascara (now discontinued). While the eyeliner was blackest of the black, it wasn’t that much user friendly. If you dispense too much liquid and it forms a drop on the tip of the brush, and very often it splashes everywhere when I shake it off (in the effort to distribute the ink across the tip). And if I do it with the cap on, all the ink just accumulates in the cap, not that fun either. Maybe it was me, totally n00b at it. Since then I gave up on Dior products entirely.

    But hey! I just bought DiorShow Noir New Look 090 last month still boxed. And really loving Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. Oh my, am I not in love! The duo makes a seductive combo on my eyes!

    • I don’t have any problem with the ink. This is their new pen liner though. I’ve heard great things about the lash primer! I have to try it one day. Yes, a good one makes a whole lot of difference!

  • Oh my, that mascara is tempting! I’m now using Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes and they’re pretty impressive, more so than Benefit They’re Real. I wonder how Dior’s stands up? Hmm … must visit a Dior counter this coming month end. What would le husband say?!:-p

    • Really? I thought Benefit They’re Real is pretty good, except the spiky wand that pokes my eyes all the time. Maybe I should do a “Battle of the Mascaras” in one single post or something. LOL!

      • Oh, yes … “Battle of the Mascaras” please! Need all the help I can get in the next-to-none lash department. LOL!

        I kinda like the spiky cactus feel on Benefit They’re Real. Keeps the clumps at bay although I have still prefer Lancome now. Weird, I know …

        • I’ll try to get that sorted 🙂 I have some overdue reviews on mascaras!

  • Liz

    That “doodle” is like high art! 🙂

    I like the sound of the pen, but Dior mascaras have been complete fails for me. I find the brushes to be too big for my eyes and they never stay put. I need completely budge-free mascaras or I’ll just live bare lashed forever. Now tell us quickly about that eraser thingy, lol!

    • I like that doodle too 🙂
      Yes, I have the problem with the wand too, but no problem with their New Look mascara. I’m working on the post for the magic pen!!

  • Very nice artistic doodles hehe, I think those should be framed! Liner and mascara are definitely the best for defined and awake looking eyes. I just discovered how much more alive I look with that little flick on the end of my liner this year, and I’ve been using that technique ever since.

    • Haha, thanks MM. It was really just a doodle 😛 I’ve been pretty lazy with eye shadow lately, so this is what I do so I don’t look sick!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Such a quick fix but it really makes a world of difference! I had eye surgery on my left eye in October of 2012 and I couldn’t wear make-up for a few weeks, but I still couldn’t resist lining my eyes just a little bit… 🙂

    • You’re right! It’s super quick and it makes a WHOLE LOT of difference. Pretty amazing, actually.

  • woooo it looks so good on you! Plus your doodle is cute 🙂 glad the mascara is working for your lashes too! 🙂

    • Thanks Joyce 🙂 Have you tried this? The mascara is pretty good!