Introducing MaxBeauty, La Faon and Avenue of Beauty

I was approached by MaxBeauty not long ago to help create awareness about their presence. I for one, haven’t heard about them before. They are a multi-national one stop beauty store that is founded in Hong Kong. They now have 4 stores in Malaysia, all in Klang Valley. I suppose their concept is similar to Sasa, but everyone wants to be different too. I was sent some samples of La Faon and Avenue of Beauty, and they were little sachets. I can’t tell you much about them, but then again, this is just an overview, and to let you readers know that this company exists!



The few sachets I received were:

  • Avenue of Beauty Aqua Gel Cream and Avenue of Beauty BB Cream
  • La Faon Dramatic Face Cleanser, Hydra Refreshing Cleansing Oil, Instant Lifting Serum, Potent Radiant Emulsion, BB cream and Vitalizing Shaping Cream.

I’m not able to tell you much about the skincare, except that they smell nice and the texture is OK the first try, but I’d like to tell you more about the BB Creams. Both the BB creams from Avenue of Beauty and La Faon smell quite lovely and subtle. It dissipates after application. The texture of the BB creams is light and moisturizing, with La Faon being less oily. I am gravitating toward La Faon because it makes my skin brighter and I feel like I can skip my moisturizer if I use this BB cream. Both do not stay on the whole day and Avenue of Beauty oxidizes a little throughout the day. Below is a comparison swatch.


BBcream swatch


As you can see, Avenue of Beauty BB Cream is a little darker and in real life, there is more pink to it. La Faon is more neutral and has a brightening effect on my skin. I wore both BB Creams on my face to try to evaluate the difference, but in all seriousness, after about 5 hours, I couldn’t tell anymore. Both turned greasy on me. I think both work better on dry skin. I have normal combination skin, and nowadays more normal than combination, and yet it turned greasy. Write up on Avenue of Beauty BB cream says that it controls sebum, but it didn’t work on my skin. Here’s a face shot, just for comparison.




Excuse the zit on my nose. I am not wearing anything on my face, except both the BB creams. No powder, no concealer, nothing. Those zits seem to have a soft spot for my nose. Maybe it’s soft and round enough to garner their stay, but I blardy hate them. UGH!!!

Back to the topic, you probably can’t tell much difference, but the left side of my face does look a little duller in real life. After setting my face with powder, however, there wasn’t much of a difference anymore. Both evened out my skin tone nicely, and I would say the coverage is light to medium (since you can still see the angry red on that blardy zit!). I don’t recommend applying a thick layer if you have normal to oily skin because you might just end up with a greasy face, so the coverage would probably be at best in between light to medium. However, there is always an option of setting your face with a higher coverage face powder. If that’s the case, I would think it defeats the purpose of wearing the BB cream. Why not just just apply the face powder and skip the BB cream?? >_< Yeah, it’s one of those days when I go off tangent… But hey, if you have dry skin, it’s worth a look 😛

If you’re interested to know more about these 2 brands, or about MaxBeauty, you can first head on to their website before trying to locate their stores. I see they have a few Korean brands, and there’s a promotion going on at the moment too. I haven’t heard of any of the brands they are carrying, so if you’re adventurous and if you love Korean skincare and makeup, go check them out 🙂

Have you seen MaxBeauty stores when you go to the mall? Perhaps you know more about the brands they carry than I do… then I would love to read about your experience!


xoxo Lily


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