Monthend Tastebuds: Let’s Have Some Sweets

I am sure Malaysians know what these are. These 2 sweets are my childhood favourites. I don’t know if you can get them elsewhere, so if you have something similar in your country, please let me know! First, I’d like to show you a candy made of palm sugar. Some people call it coconut candy, some call it gula-gula kelapa, but I call it coconut sweet!


coconut sweets

Aren’t they colourful? The caramel-like candy is absolutely delicious, sweet, creamy and sinful. This is also my grandmother’s and my mother’s favourite, and is fast becoming my children’s favourite too. Some have the luxury to have these homemade, but I prefer to pay a small fee in place of the hassle of cooking and cleaning.


coconut sweet


Another one I have been enjoying with Le Hubs is kacang tumbuk. If I translate it literally, kacang means nuts and tumbuk means punch. However, in context, it should mean crushed (please correct me if I’m wrong. Malay language wasn’t one of my stronger subjects). I laughed out loud to think that the literal translation of this heavenly snack is called “crushed nuts”. Please also let me know if there is a better word for it. I googled the name in English, and I got Barley Peanut Candy. In all seriousness, I think we’d all remember Crushed Nuts better. They are usually wrapped individually and you get about 9 in a pack.


kacang tumbuk


It can get quite messy if you try to be ladylike when eating this, so I like to put the whole thing into my mouth. Yes, I am a glutton. Let me show you what it looks like out of the white wrapper.


nutty goodness


Peanuts, sugar, molasses. All in a bite sized snack. It can get all sticky in your mouth, and the peanuts will get into corners of your mouth that you never knew existed, but these are delish. These are so light and fluffy, they melt in your mouth, making you want more.  I remember tasting baklava the first time and it reminded me of these kacang tumbuk. Of course, the baklava is more elaborate and more ‘evolved’ (?) but both are delicious.

What is your favourite candy? Do you have these in your country, or do you have anything similar?


xoxo Lily



  • Oh yum! I don’t know if I’ve ever had these, but I miss Asian candies 😉 Lots more in Hawaii than here!

    • Ah, you have to come visit, Larie. I think you’ll love the food here!

  • These look so good!! My parents are Malaysian-Chinese. I was born in Canada but I love Malaysian cuisine, sweets, desserts .. everything! 🙂 I really want to go back again soon. I think I’ll be visiting this summer. Are there any Malaysian beauty products you would recommend?

    • Malaysian beauty products? Hhmmm… that’s tricky. None of the cosmetics I use are made in Malaysia… yet… unless you’re talking about some traditional remedies of sorts 😛

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Omnomnomnom! Yummy 🙂

    • I know! And I don’t even have a sweet tooth 😛

  • Those both sound so delicious! Especially the crushed nut treat! My favorite sweets around here usually involve Sweettarts (basically pure sugar) or milk chocolate of some kind.

    • Hi Annick! I have a weakness for milk chocolate, so I try to avoid. If I ever started, all the cravings will come rushing back. So whenever I can, I stay far away. Haha!

  • Wait a second, I think I’ve tried both! I think the coconut candy thing is not really widely available in Taiwan (you can find it though I’m sure), but that nuts thing looks awfully familiar… My appetite for sweets has really shrunk over the years. I used to be able to drink a Starbucks grande frappuccino 10 years ago, but now with half of a tall one I have enough! Maybe one day I’ll stop eating sweets altogether. It’s a rather depressing possibility LOL

    • I want to go to Taiwan one day, just because my friends tell me about how delicious the food is! I think it’s a healthy notion to skip sweets. Sugar is addictive, and it’s not something that our body really needs. So, if you stop eating sweets completely, I’d say good for you!!

  • Yeah, kacang tumbuk does mean crushed nuts. They all look delicious!

    • They are yummy… But must take in small doses. All those sugar can’t be good for my growing waistline 🙁

  • Linda

    Hi Lily, where can i get those coconut candy (exactly like your attached picture) in KL ya..

    • Lily

      Hi Linda, I think you can get it at many places. If you go shopping at Mid Valley, I think you can find it at the tidbits shop at lower ground level. But erm, I can be wrong 😛

      • Linda

        Yup but normally at the tidbits shop they do have in different packaging but i am looking for those colorful packaging.(for door gift)