Public Announcement: Makeup Ban until Fall Collection 2013

I want to make it public. I want to make a commitment. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY MAKEUP ITEMS UNTIL THE LAUNCH OF FALL COLLECTION 2013 (which is around August, I think). So, that is about a 5-6-month period from now to then. Any makeup item is not allowed. Foundations, concealers, brows, eye colours, mascaras, lip colours, cheek colours, nail colours, anything at all, because I have enough to last me through this half a year and many more months. As for skincare products, purchases are only allowed if I have run out, but I’ve always been good with this.


makeup ban

I was reading through my blog and realised that I have been featuring WAY too many new product reviews. So that’s where my money went. And when I open my drawers, there are so many things I haven’t touched, so many older loves I haven’t really used. So, I will start doing more posts on utilizing them, instead of boring old reviews… even though I know a lot of you like the reviews. I still have a lot of backlogs of products I haven’t reviewed for you, so you don’t have to worry about not having anymore reviews. It only means there will be more variety 🙂 I’ve also taken in the feedback that you guys wanted more looks and tutorials, so I’ll be doing more of those too! Yay!

Feel free to join me in this ban, and feel free to check up on me. Reader BooBoo Ninja is joining me in this challenge, so yay! I’m not so lonely. Thank you dear! There might be withdrawal syndromes but I think I should be OK. I’ll just shop in my own stash and maybe do comparison posts or something.

OK now. Let the challenge begin!!!


xoxo Lily