Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup

What runs through your mind when I give you the number 69? Let’s keep it clean here guys… it’s just a number. I just felt like asking. The number 69 is the asking price for this foundation. The last I reviewed a foundation from Revlon, I nearly wanted to flush it down the toilet. Literally. This time, let’s whip it good 😉


revlon colorstay whipped

This cream foundation comes in a solid glass jar, and it is heavy. Score 1. Ding ding. I love me some luxurious feeling packaging. I was sent the lightest shade available in the country, which is 220 Nude. There are only 4 shades available, so selection wise, it is very limited. To find a perfect match, I don’t think it will be easy. Score -1. There are 2 lighter shades available actually, but not carried in this country. I am still puzzling over this matter. For reference, anyone with skin MAC NC20 and lighter probably won’t find a match. I estimate 220 Nude to be around MAC NC25, and is neutral. Not too pink, definitely not yellow.


revlon whipped


A thin plastic cover acts as a veil to separate the foundation from being too exposed, but this plastic is very very thin. It would feel a little sturdier if it was a bit thicker. It certainly feels out of place, compared to the luxurious glass on the outside. Also, I’m sure I’m the only one who finds it funny, because I’m a nerd like that… but…. the plastic cover earned a nickname…


colorstay whipped


Wait for it… I call it a camel toe divider. Hahahahahahah!!! OK, packaging aside, the foundation is actually really good. The cream is thick and it felt heavy to touch, but when applied, it goes on very smoothly. I thought it would be too heavy on my skin, and naturally, it is heavier than the sheer foundations I’m used to. However, it provides a good coverage, and I don’t need any concealers when I use this. I prefer to use a brush to apply this foundation. I scoop some product out using a spatula (NOT provided) instead of dipping my fingers in the tub. I’m anal like that.

Picture below shows you the foundation colour. Don’t think you need a swatch on my hand when you can see it so clearly in the tub right? That’s what it looks like in real life 🙂


colorstay whipped 220 nude


The whipped creme makeup is long wearing. It lasts throughout the work day for me and it says a lot.It is non greasy, and doesn’t turn oil slick on my normal combination skin. I think it also hides my pores a little. It doesn’t oxidize very much on me, just half a shade darker. Because the shade 220 Nude is already darker to begin with, it looked more dull as the day goes on. So, in the end, while it scores high marks on performance, and while I can make fun of the packaging, the only thing that I don’t like is the limited shade selection.

If you can find a shade that matches your skin, this foundation is worth a try.

I wore the foundation here in the picture below. It covers a lot of marks and evens out my skin tone nicely, and FYI, I sheered out the foundation with a primer so that it’s less dark.


palette 2b


Have you tried this yet? This foundation has been on the shelves since October last year. If you have tried it, what do you think of it?


xoxo Lily


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