Smoke It Good With Dior Blue Denim and Khôl

You would have seen all the swatches I did for you a few weeks ago, but these 2 were amiss. I skipped these two shades specifically because I was going to review them. They are Blue Denim and Khôl. Dior Diorshow Mono Backstage Eye Shadows retail at RM105 each and each pan contains 2.2grams of product. Compared to a Burberry single eye shadow which costs the same, Dior mono has less product (Burberry has 2.5g) and packaging wise, I’d prefer the heavy metallic feel of Burberry too. However, the texture is something completely different.





Do you notice something a little strange in the photo above? I didn’t notice it at first, then I thought it must have been my eyes. No, it’s not. I don’t know why, and I figured it might not be a printer problem because even the fonts are a little different. Both are made in France though, so I’m still a little puzzled. (Edited: Because these are press samples, DUH! Those you buy at Dior counters are all consistent) That aside, the packaging is what we are all familiar with. It is the classic dark blue case that is Dior.


mono open


Blue Denim is a multi dimension blue that is best applied wet. When it is used dry, I find that the blue is muddy and greyish. Khôl is a matte black that doesn’t look all black under sunlight. In fact, it looks like a soft black with a tinge of brown under the warm sun. When swatched dry, the texture is a little patchy and hard, but when used wet, it is opaque black and very smooth. I find that these 2 colours perform best when applied using a damp brush.

What I do is spritz my eye shadow brush with MAC Fix+ (or plain water) before dipping the brush into the pan. Do make sure the brush is not dripping wet, or you might spoil the eye shadow. I have used it wet quite a few times, and the eye shadow doesn’t harden when it dries again, which I think is very important. The reason I don’t usually use my eye shadows wet is because the area where I dip my brush into can’t be used dry anymore. I’m happy to report these Dior monos are good both wet and dry, and the texture doesn’t go haywire. Blending is also easy even when the colours are used wet. No complaints there.




Swatches above show very clearly how vivid the colours become when used wet. To be fair, the dry swatches are done without a primer, using my dry fingers with only one pass. I didn’t build it up, or blend it out. There is an advantage of the sheerness when used dry though. When I want the black to be less pronounced, then I’ll be sure to use it dry. However, I think I’ll be using them wet most of the time. They are gorgeous and they stay on forever!! Here’s how I wore it out the other night.




Blue Denim all over my lid, pulled out to lengthen my eyes, and down my lower lash line. It’s almost like drawing a more elongated eye shape – up and out 😉 Khôl was used near my lash lines to deepen and darken my eyes and to brighten the inner corners of my eyes, I used Giorgio Armani #23 Madre Perla. I blended out the edges using Chanel Notorious and I had to use some lashes because amidst the darkness, my natural lashes disappeared. (Note: Crappy glue job on my left eye, your right. Shows you how often I use lashes. LOL!)

Here’s the whole face…




Shite loads of concealer, NARS Deep Throat for blush and Dior Grège on my lips. Hair was done at the salon because I have no idea how to use hot curlers. Under dim light and crappy lighting at that dinner hall, I’d probably look like this…




Sick of me yet? LOL! That’s all I have for you anyway. Most of the photos taken were pretty bad, and these 2 were the best I’ve got. Bad lighting, kid crying, not in the mood, and I had to run.

How do you like Blue Denim and Khôl? What about the smoky eye I created using these 2 products? Have you checked out any of these Dior mono eye shadows? Have a good mid week guys! I kinda miss those curls….


xoxo Lily


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  • Josephine

    Nice eye make up.
    I feel like cant really do nice elongated shape. Need to practice more, a tutorial may help hehe.
    I hope you dont mind, i think the salon didnt do nice job. The curl kinda look flat and messy.

    • Hi Josephine. I might just churn up a tutorial when I have the time 🙂
      You know, my hair texture is a huge part to blame. I have straight fine hair, and curls don’t hold up well. This was done 4 hours before, so flat and messy sound about right. I kinda like messy hair though. LOL!

  • Wow what a stunning smokey eye, Lily! You did a great job! I really like this type of dramatic, smoked-out look but I find I am not very good at working with very deep, pigmented shades like these. But, this look has me wanting to go pull out my dark azure blue and black shades to try and recreate this! 😀

    • Thanks Becca. I think the key is “a little at a time”, building up the intensity as you go. It takes more time, but less mistake and the end result looks better. I’d like to see you re-create this! It’ll be fun 🙂

  • Charlotte

    I love the smoky eyes, Lily!

    I can never do a nice smoky eyes look as my lower lash line is super watery, no eyeliner can stay there for more than a minute 🙁 and smoky eyes without bottom liner looks weird :/

    • I agree that smoky eyes without bottom liner looks unbalanced. Perhaps a lighter version of a smokey eye instead of such a dark colour? Then maybe going without an eyeliner isn’t that obvious?

      • Charlotte

        Hmm, probably! Thanks for the tips!

        • Hope you’ll give it a try, and see if it works. I’m just throwing it out there… LOL!

  • I love how the shades look when they’re used wet! The look you did is amazing! I might have to check Blue Denim out 😉

    • Yup, these 2 colours are definitely wet shadows 😉
      Blue Denim especially, pops a lot more when used wet. I’d love to know what you think about it!

  • I checked them out at the counter but I was underwhelmed by the shadows 🙁 I did pick up Gris City but haven’t gotten round to giving them a go. These do look nice on you 🙂

    • Thanks Paris. Gris City is a lovely shade. I’m still eyeing Tweed, but later… much much later 😛

  • Lily! Wow! You smokey eye is incredible!! You look just stunning, I’ve been wanting to try these since seeing your swatches and now I do even more! I can’t believe just how different they look wet. I love Denim. I think you should do a tutorial on how you achieved this perfect smokey eye!!

    • Aww, thanks so much Taylor. I’ll see what I can do about the tutorial 🙂

  • This is one of my favourite looks from you so far! I’m kind of divided on single shadows — I hate opening a bunch of cases to do one look, but I don’t think I could separate these from their lovely packaging!

    • Haha, thanks sweets. I know what you mean about single eye shadows… I usually buy those I can never find in palettes. Or maybe those that are so versatile, I can use just one colour on my lid and I’m done 🙂

      • True, on myself I’m a one-shadow kind of gal. When I do someone else’s though, I go a little crazy with the colours/blending/shading/etc!

        • HAHAHA! I’ve been going shadow-less lately. I’m so lazy, but I know what you mean. When you actually take the time to do makeup on others, you want perfection 🙂

  • Oh hey Lily, you look smoking hot and different here!!! I love Denim. The first shade from this new range that catches my attention. Need to check them out ASAP. xx

    • Thanks Joanne. I think eye and brow shapes play an important role in how we look 😛 I lengthened them, so I bet I look a little different. You should go have a look. They might not seem like much in the pan, you should try them out on your eyes!

  • Hi Lily, Firstly I must compliment you, you look stunning! Wow those swatches are so different wet than dry. xx

    • Thank you Sofia. Yes, these 2 especially Blue Denim, do look very different wet. So much better, right?

  • Wow Lily, you look amazing with that sexy smokey eye! Blue really suits you well! And I’m soooo in love with your hair, you should do it more often, it’s amazing!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Teri. My hair eats curls! That’s why I don’t curl them often. I was thinking of getting a light perm but my scalp has been acting up, so I won’t do anything until its back to normal.

  • Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

    I haven’t tried these, that’s really interesting that they dry without getting that weird filmy texture unlike other shades. I love the blue on you – and your hair looks gorgeous!

    • Thanks Catherine 🙂 I definitely think it’s great that it doesn’t harden after we use it wet.

  • Ooooooh, sultry! Love the whole look, Lily! And the hair! I hope your husband took you out 😛

    • LOL! Husband was babysitter and my driver of the night. It was a company gig that I had to attend. To be honest, I’d rather stay at home with them. Haha!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Lily you look SHMEXXXXXXY with that smoky eye! Gorgeous! I love the whole look! That lipstick is lovely! And I think NARS Deep Throat is one of my favourite blushes ever. Every time I wear it it just looks so fresh and pretty on!

    • Thanks beautiful. I’m wearing Deep Throat today. It is a lovely warm pink on me 🙂 I can’t believe I forgot about this blush!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I love how they look wet! I usually use my eyeshadow dry though.

    • Me too. I use most of my eye shadows dry… but for these 2 shades especially, wet is the way to go.

  • Liz

    Such a difference in that blue when used wet/dry!

    YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. You should get your hair curled on a regular basis – totally suits you!

    • Thanks woman! I’ve been thinking of getting a perm. I did that when my hair was longer way back when and I loved it. I just have to wait for my hair to grow out a little more, before I do it some damage 🙂 Not the really curly ones, but maybe just some wave to give it some volume. Darn the straight fine hair.