Sunday Stash Shopping #1

Bye bye Sunday Sharing series, Hello Sunday Stash Shopping! Now that I’m on a makeup ban, I am now shopping in my own stash. It’s a good way to re-discover old loves, going ooh and aah over things I have forgotten, and maybe go ‘eh??’ on why I ever bought that shitty eye shadow in that first place. Good reason to find a better home for it then. LOL!


products used

This post is inspired by Larie because she has her weekly experiments and I enjoy reading what she’s using and her different goals. There are so many creative people, they make me feel so, what’s that word, blah. Boring. Robotic. Flat. Bland. Anyway.

So what I do here, is to tell you what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy using for the last 2 weeks, and probably create a look with those products. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this space, but what I know is that I will be going through my stash and using old stuff. So, let’s see where this takes us, I guess. Let’s start with the last 2 weeks, shall we? I put a few things I wanted to use daily in my makeup bag, and I could add some other things on an ad hoc basis if I wanted to. The staples are these:

My goal was to layer some products.

Clarins liquid blush under NARS Deep Throat and Dior eye gloss under powder eye shadows. The result? Blush that lasts all day, and surprisingly, eye shadows that last longer than usual too! I broke out my Shiseido White Lucent base because it felt light, literally, as in, not much product left in the tube. This is more oily than I remembered, but it’s still workable with powder and MAC MSF Natural is still a favourite (my second purchase, actually).

A look with these products.




I literally climbed out of my window to get these 2 shots because the light was really bad in my room. I nearly fell! Hahahah!




I think I will continue to use the Shiseido base until I use it up. I just have to remember to bring blotting paper and powder to touch up. Definitely won’t repurchase, because it seems too moist for my skin now. Also, by the end of the day, any coverage is gone. Still, I want to use it up. Not much left, from the weight of this tube. I’ll also carry forward the Clarins blush as base, because there’s only half a tube left and I love working with the texture.

Stay tuned for my next stash shopping!


xoxo Lily


  • Petrina

    Woot for stash shopping! Love this look Lily!lol admire your photography dedication but please stay safe and don’t hang out if windows!!

    • Thanks Petrina. LOL! Don’t worry, even if I slipped, I doubt I can really fall off the window. If that happened, I’d probably just need a new camera. Hahaha!

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful cheeks 🙂 Brilliant idea to shop in your stash now that you’ve put yourself on the shopping ban. Perhaps you’ll rediscover some lost or forgotten love or may find new sparks too with those in your stash already. Looking forward to more of your sharing!

    • Thanks Jennifer… definitely more to come 🙂

  • Haha, be careful, Lily! No more Spiderman action, lol. I find that things last longer when I layer them, too, but usually I don’t have problems with products fading, so usually I am not that diligent about it. Can’t wait to see what you do next week!

    • Lol, Spiderman action! I don’t have problems with blush staying on, just eye shadows. This eye gloss surprisingly works quite well to prevent creasing 🙂

  • Aaah, I love your smile Lily, its so cuuute! ^^ The things we do for a little light eh? 😉 I looove the idea of shopping the stash, it’s a great way to rediscover old favourites and to purge too. I’m re orginising my stash soon so I will do some serious pruging! Great post, the layering thing is awesome for long lasting make-up looks idd!

    • Thanks Teri. I wonder if cute its an apt description of someone my age. Lol! Yes, stash shopping is more fun than I thought. More stuff coming up soon 🙂

  • liyeun

    Ok. I like ur smile. Indeed. LoL. Anyway I really like ur stash, it’s likele u hv everything from everything!!!! No wonder the ban… hehe….oh, I just check with Chanel and they hv two new sunblock! One in creme and another is watery…. and I noe u are not in the skincare ban moment…..=)

    • Haha! No Chanel where I am. I still have plenty of sunscreens but if I go to kl, I’ll be sure to check out their new sunscreen. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Jan S

    I love the natural look 🙂 what’s the name of the Dior palette and lipstick? Thanks! Great idea to shop from stash, I’ll have to do more if it.

    • Thanks Jan. The Dior palette is Royal Khaki and the lipstick is rouge de serum in 620 if I’m not mistaken. It’s a brown one but my lips made it look a little red 🙂

  • I love that mini Dior quint! I’ve been shopping quite a bit in my stash since I got my makeup organized as well. I’m glad I still like most of the stuff instead of having to find many pieces a new home 😉

    • There are some things I have that I’ve forgotten, so this series helps refresh my memory and rekindle my love for them!

  • Kristi C. (@lov2read68)

    Lovely, fresh look! I, too, am working on shopping my stash. And trying to break out my comfort zone in doing the same look/colors day in & day out! I have enjoyed Larie’s posts about her experiments & will be looking forward to yours as well for more inspiration.

    • Thanks for dropping by Kristi and I hope you’ll find something here!

  • Such a fun post!! I too need to shop in my collection before got urged to grab more. Your smile is beautiful. I love the posing in the pictures. Can I send some love to Dior eyeshadow quint! Love it.

    • Thanks Joanne. It’s more like me sticking my head out of the window and point and shoot. Lol!

  • Yay stash shopping. Might I say I love the final photo with you smiling! You look your most beautiful 🙂 maybe I should smile sometimes. I’ve wanted to try the Clarins blush, I wishes it came I’m more shades. Using it as a base is a wonderful idea.

    • Thanks Taylor. Yeah, there’s only a pink, coral and a brown. I wish I bought the coral too. I love the texture of this blush!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Great look!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    OK your CHEEKS OMG I LOVE!! I am so trying that combo tomorrow! You look amazing!
    I love when people use the things they have! I need to do that more often myself! 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy 🙂 I love this combo too! It’s a subtle pink flush. Very healthy looking. LOL!

  • Liz

    You look so happy and natural and lovely! Love the look and the products used. Wish I had picked up that Clarins liquid blush when I had the chance!

    • Aww thanks Liz. That smile is the “Oops nearly dropped my camera” smile. Hahahah!

  • I’m glad you didn’t fall out of your window! the second photo is super cute though 🙂 Also, CLARINS BLUSH!I forgot that existed, so i definitely need to go check that out. good luck with shopping the stash! i’m having fun doing a similar thing 🙂

    • Thanks Joyce. And yes, the Clarins blush is really awesome. Stash shopping is quite exciting so far. I forgot about quite a few things I have!