The Bright and The Bold Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Life

When I first started out with makeup, my policy was, the sheerer the better. It’s the safe way to go. For eyes, NEUTRALS! For lips, something that match my lip colour, please. For cheeks, sheer pink and sheer corals so that I won’t look like a baboon’s buttocks, thank you very much. I still love my neutrals, but I now love bright pigmented blush. Deep dark burgundy blushes, deep red wine blushes, bright fuchsia blushes that scare people away. Those, I love.


bright and bold

I’ve written about these blushes before, except the Chanel one, but these are my loves. If I want a pop of bright colour, if I want something so bold that I need to blend like crazy, these are the ones. I will pop the links of the reviews below too 🙂




I will review Ultra Rose shortly, don’t you worry about it. The colours of these blushes in real life are so much more vivid, these pictures do them no justice. I marked the Inglot blushes xxx, because once the blushes were popped into the pan, I couldn’t get them out. Being the genius I am, I didn’t write down the numbers before the SA decided to helpfully pop them in for me >.< And yes, I’m overusing the word pop because I just feel like poppin’ it 😛 Links of reviews are here:

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Florida

Inglot blushes / palette 


red and coral


Can you tell I’m a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge fan? These 2 are my favourites, Raspberry and Calypso Coral. Raspberry gives me that deep red glow while Calypso Coral gives me a brighter flushed look. Inglot xxx, oops… yupz…  linkies for the reviews

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Raspberry

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Calypso Coral 

and to see how the Inglot blushes look worn on my face

I feel like I talk about these pot rouges all the time. I swear Bobbi Brown doesn’t pay me. We don’t even contact each other!

Here are the swatches for you for easy reference, all on one arm 🙂




As you can see, Chanel Ultra Rose looks like it’s the sheerest, but it’s not really. I still have to be very gentle when I apply it on my cheeks. I find that these colours, while they look intimidating swatched like this, they look absolutely amazing on the apples of your cheeks. They make you brighter, happier, and more cheerful.

Do you like blushes like these or do you prefer sheerer ones where you could do no wrong?


xoxo Lily