Tipsy Thursday: How To Apply Bright Cream Blush

This is just a very short post, to show you how I normally apply not just any cream blush, but a BRIGHT and BOLD cream blush. Many people love using their fingers, but for me, I find that I prefer using a combination of fingers AND brush. The cream blush I am showing you today is one of the brightest I own, which is MAC Florida. This shade can be intimidating, because if you use a heavy hand, you’d end up having 2 very red cheeks that are meant to stay on a baboon’s behind. However, when done right, you will have the loveliest flush ever.


cream blush stippling brush

The brush I am showing you today is the Real Techniques stippling blush. It is soft, and it is smaller and less dense than say, a MAC187. It fits my cheeks (the ones on my face) perfectly, and the brush diffuses the blush with just the right intensity. A brush that is more dense deposits more products but we don’t want that, do we? It is also a synthetic brush which is perfect for cream products.

What I do is very simple. I dot some Florida on my cheeks and use this stippling brush to blend it out. Instead of blending it in circular motions, I just swipe it back and forth where I want the blush to be. And that is the area within the apple of my cheeks and somewhere before the top of my ears. Definitely NOT into the hairline. I find that if I blend it out in circular motions, the product will transfer too low into the hollow of my cheeks and that is not flattering.


3 steps


I hope this somehow helped, even just a little bit. Do you use the same technique? I find that when I use my fingers to blend it out, it gets a little messy and patchy. This is very much due to the intense pigmentation of the blush, because when I use a lighter cream blush, I have no problems with blending it out with my fingers. I always use this technique when I apply brighter cream blushes. The application is neater, it blends seamlessly, and I don’t look like a clown.

How do you wear yours?


xoxo Lily