A Quickie: Smokey Eye With One Eye Shadow

I was debating whether to post this. The photos were taken end of last month, before I went out for a wedding dinner. In fact, photos were taken under unprepared settings – flash was harsh and I had to use photoshop to soften the glare, if it’s even possible. Then, there was one which was too dim, so I had to brighten it to a degree which was acceptable, marginally. Anyway, since this is not a blog about photography and I already admitted that I’m an amateur, I should post it without thinking too much. I hope you are OK with it.



I had to choose this hair eating photo because it showcases the eye shadow best. The fan was blowing straight at me so some hair in my face was inevitable. I’m not too fussed.

Basically, I wanted to show you how I did my eyes – with only 1 eye shadow. Yup, the smokey eye is done using only Giorgio Armani ETK #24 Smokey Copper. I outlined the shape I wanted, and you can see quite clearly how I shaped it in the photos. I then pat on the eye shadow within the area I outlined, and blended out the edges like crazy. The intensity softened after blending, so I repeat the whole step – pat and blend until I get the intensity I wanted. Easy, isn’t it? You can do this using any darker colour you have. I finish off by lining my eyes with black liquid liner, smudged out my lower lash line using the same eye shadow and added a few coats of mascara. In this post, they are Diorshow Art Pen and Diorshow Iconic Overcurl respectively. Voila! Not too dark, still smokey but soft. I like it this way 🙂




For the cheeks, I used NARS Deep Throat, and my lips are a light pink that is Dior Addict Extreme Spring Ball. It is part of the new collection by Dior, so go check it out. I will talk about Spring Ball more in another post.

That’s it. Just a quickie to update this simple smokey eye. Hope you didn’t mind the less than average quality photos >.<


xoxo Lily