Battle Of The Top Coats: Dior Style

I never really liked any top coats until I found Dior. My Revlon one didn’t add any shine and the Sally Hansen chipped by the 3rd day. Dior Top Coat is really one of the most underrated top coats ever. Everyone talks about Seche Vite and I’ve tried it (chipped by the 5th day), but I still prefer my Dior. I was recently sent their latest top coat in gel form, so I thought it appropriate to tell you about both the top coats from Dior. Which is better?


battle of the top coats

First, let’s talk about the obvious. The packaging. The regular top coat comes in a clear bottle with white cap. The brush is the flat paddle brush that I love. One stroke and it covers my little pinky. The gel top coat* is also in a clear bottle, with a different cap and brush. The cap is a reflective metal while the brush is the regular flat brush. I don’t find any difficulty in using either, and the brush of the gel top coat* is more flexible. It might be due to the different texture we have to work with.




The regular top coat is clear liquid which is thin and easy to spread. It gives instant shine to any nail polish I wear and it helps minimize the drying time. The gel top coat* however is of a thicker consistency. It takes a little longer to dry (but it’s still fast) and when it does, my nail feels stronger and thicker in a way. My nails feel smoother to touch, and any bumps are evened out. While both top coats perform fantastically on my nails (8 whole days without chipping! With minimal house work >.<), the regular top coat doesn’t last as long. While my nails protected by the gel top coat* stayed perfect, the others started to chip and I could see the wear at the tip of my nails. I find the gel top coat* shinier and it lasts like crazy! Either way, I actually see my nail growth BEFORE there’s any chip on my nails. However, once it chips on my gel top coat, it chips away quite fast after that. But hey, it wears a week and a half on me. It’s CRAZY!!




While I love my Dior Top Coat for fast and easy, careless application, the Dior Gel Top Coat* needs some care in application. If I want perfectly smooth and healthy nails, I’d go for the gel, but if I’m pressed for time and need quick dry time, I’d go for the regular joe. I find it difficult to choose because I love both of them, but if I must, I’d go for the gel. If you haven’t tried either of this, you must! The regular top coat sets you back for RM69 while the gel top coat costs RM75. Expensive? Yes. For the superior quality, totally worth it!


xoxo Lily


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