Chloe.Ash Turns 2

I know… the blog is now 2 years old! Can I say it again? How fast does time fly when you’re having fun??? Pretty darn fast, I say. First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of you for reading. You might have somehow stumbled upon my blog per chance, you might have read about me being mentioned by fellow bloggers (how awesome is link love?), you might have read my comments in other blogs, whatever it is, thank you for dropping by.



When I started 2 years ago, I had no idea what blogging really was about. Unlike others who did their research first, I just went head on BLIND. That, and the fact that I didn’t even think to make it public initially. Then I thought, what the heck, no one’s gonna read it anyway, so what difference does it make? I only wanted to have a makeup diary of sorts for my 2 daughters. And then came evolution. I started reading and discovering other beauty blogs, I made friends with fellow bloggers and I got hooked. So, it IS a social thing after all. Haha!

When I started getting comments and emails from you, I was speechless. It struck me that people actually DO read my blog! Until this day, I am thrilled to get an increase in readership, an uptrend on my stats and comments from you. You are so kind, the comments are all positive and it’s a beautiful and healthy environment for me to continue this hobby. Because of this, I started blogging for you too. Most of you are from the USA, Malaysia, UK and Singapore, while others are spread out worldwide from Russia to Korea to countries I haven’t heard before. I am humbled.

Blogging is a space I try to continuously improve on. I believe life is all about learning, making mistakes and picking up from there, so this has been a challenge and a satisfaction at the same time. Thank you again for sharing this journey with me. I love that you are a bunch of intelligent and vocal readers so you make me try hard not to look like an idiot strive to be better every post. If I could, I’d give each and every one of you a great big hug.

I hope I could continue blogging for a while, since my passion is still burning, but should the fire start to die down, I hope you’ll help me burn it bright again. This is getting soppy, so I’ll stop here. To myself, Happy Two!!!


xoxo Lily