Femme Boulevard: Playing with Black

As the title suggests, we decided to play with black this month. Different textures and gradients of black, or maybe even to use black as a base for something else. For me, I decided to go for a fuss free black block of eye shadow, nude lips and dark tips. I haven’t done a look like this before. I was thinking about a smokey eye, but there’s plenty on this blog already. Just go to the “LOOKS” tab and you’ll find them. This look is surprisingly easy, because I use minimal products, but it’s getting the eye shape and lashes right that took much of the time. My eyes aren’t symmetrical ๐Ÿ™


face products


For this look, I used only a few items on my face. The Diorsnow foundation applies like a dream, and setting it with the Diorsnow powder brings a subtle glow for the face. It’s important, since the eyes will be dramatic, and I’d hate to look pasty, pale and flat. For the blush, I used NARS Douceur and applied it as I would sculpting my face. This adds subtle definition while providing some colour back to the face.

For the eyes, I really only used 3 items. A black liquid liner (Diorshow Artpen) as a base and a matte black eye shadow (Dior Kohl) pressed on top of the liquid liner. Because the eyes are so black, my natural lashes would disappear even with 100 coats of mascara. So, I decided to add false lashes, the most dramatic I have. It’s Eyelure Katy Perry lashes in Oh, My! Look at it. Isn’t it crazy?!! Since the eyes are the focus of this look, I decided to keep my lips nude with my favourite Curviest Caramel.


eye and lip


And the end result?


black1 black2 black4


And for the last picture, let’s have it in black and white ๐Ÿ™‚




I hope you liked today’s look. Please go check out Joey’s and Teri’s version! Until the next Femme Boulevard post….


xoxo Lily