FOTD: Gradient Liner inspired by MM

I thought this was easy enough to do. That’s what I thought anyway…when I saw MM from Makeup Morsels do hers. She did a gold / khaki green ombré liner but I wanted to do something even more subtle. Mine is a combination of 2 different greens and a grey. I could easily change it by patting different eye shadows on top, but I thought this was subtle and complemented my Butter London Dosh nails.



I used all pencil liners because I didn’t have any coloured liquid liners. I only have a black one. What I do is to apply the grey at the outer third, and the shimmery golden khaki on my inner third lash line. Then, with the medium blending colour, I applied it at the centre of my lash line. The colours used are…




…Urban Decay Stash (inner corner), Forever Green by MAC (centre) and MAC Grey Utility (outer corner). For the rest of my face, I used Chanel Ultra Rose on my cheeks and Dior Addict Extreme Spring Ball on my lips.





Easy enough to do? There are so many variations you can try. I opted for something simple and subtle for work and I thought green and grey actually complemented the pinks on my face too. Happy Friday!


xoxo Lily