More Burberry Since Then…

Once your first time is memorable, you will want moAR of it. And so I did. Mulberry was good, but just one wasn’t satisfying. I mean, don’t you think Mulberry would be lonely? I had to give her more friends 😛



Friends would mean someone Mulberry would be comfortable with, someone compatible, someone just as awesome. In comes 2 more friends who are basically cult favourites. Let me introduce to you something new(ish) in my stash, but already well known amongst everyone else I know…




Hello Pale Barley and Midnight Brown!




Both are shimmery shades, but Burberry does it so well that they are subtle and elegant. Pale Barley is a soft shimmery golden beige on my lids while Midnight Brown is a shimmery warm brown that leans taupe on me. The texture of these 2 single eye shadows are just as buttery and smooth as Mulberry, if not more! They are very pigmented, and I can easily pick up products using either fingers or a brush. They are a dream to blend, and super easy to build up. For me, these classic shades can be worn on their own to show off their full glory or paired together for a more complexed colour.




While it is expensive, at RM105 a pop, and so elusive that there is only one Burberry Beauty counter at Isetan KLCC, the quality and presentation of the product make up for it. I really want to show you what it looks like worn, so I’ll be sure to post a FOTD using these eye shadows. It’s been crazily overwhelming, so please bear with me. I’ll get round to it sooner or later. If you haven’t tried any of these eye shadows, you must. If you’re looking for a splurge of luxury, don’t sell yourself short. Yes, there are Chanel and *gasp* Dior, my favourite brand, but for the same price, I’d go for Burberry. While the texture of the eye shadows of these 3 brands is exquisite, Burberry comes with an extra – the extra plushness and sophistication of the extravagant packaging. It just looks and wears expensive. Haha!

Go on, go have a look and feel and then come back and tell me I’m crazy. You’ll fall in love too!


xoxo Lily