Rachel K CC Cream

I first saw Rachel K CC Creams when I was at Guardian One Utama in KL, walking around with fellow bloggers Sukie and Steph. We tested it on our hands and thought it was interesting. The L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows were just out so if I’m not mistaken, we went to check that out, not thinking too much about this.



Coincidentally, I was sent these about a month ago and I was naturally stoked. I forgot about it, but remembered being curious. Rachel K Mineral Color Control Blemish Balm is formulated with pure minerals so it is suitable for all skin types. It also has SPF35 protection, but I always wear a separate sunscreen before bases. It comes in a 30ml tube which I think is easy to handle. The Neutral pink tube is sticky to touch, so I’m sure it’s just a dud of the pack. The Original black tube is just fine.


cc cream


Here is an abstract I took from the press kit, just to let you know the functions of some of the ingredients.

White Tea extract absorbs, weakens and neutralizes free radicals continuously and also provide protection from increasingly harsh environmental factors such as pollution, dust, and chemicals in the air. It boosts the immunity of skin cells and prevents wrinkling and pigmentation.

Green Tea Leaf extract is rich in antioxidants and boasts anti-inflammatory and natural disinfecting properties.

Deep Sea Water gives resilience and moistness to the skin and allows for better skin permeability.

Macadamia Nut Oil is an ideal anti-aging supplement for cosmetics, due to its high content of palmitoleic acid, an essential component of human sebum, which is lost with aging.

Natural Vitamin E protects body tissues from breakdown and signs of photo aging, and aids in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, age spots.

Other than the ingredients listed in the photo below, I also want to point you out to the bottom of the photo which says Shelf Life: 3 years. There’s also the 4-step pictorial instruction on how to use it, but I think most of us know how to apply it. I like to squeeze some onto my fingers, gently pat on my face, and after about a minute or two, it will set to a powdery finish.




I still powder my T-zone because that’s where it gets oily, but I don’t see a need to powder my cheeks or chin. The Original is much lighter than Neutral, and it is also much pinker than Neutral. Original is for the lighter skinned while Neutral is suitable for those with medium skin tone. For me, Original has a slight brightening effect while Neutral is very natural. The CC Cream doesn’t last as long as my liquid foundation when worn alone. After the 6th hour, there isn’t much trace of the CC Cream left. While it doesn’t make me shiny, I do need to blot once after the 3rd hour mark. Do bear in mind I have normal / combination skin. I suspect those with VERY oily skin will have problem with this.


swatch dots

swatch blended


Below is the before after shot for you to see. Rachel K CC Cream gives light to medium coverage. In fact, in the photos, you might not notice much difference. See the little spot on my chin? The redness is just barely covered. Oh, and sorry for the unblended spot near the corner of my mouth. I only noticed it when I was editing the photos. So while my skin is evened out and while it doesn’t oxidize on me, I would need concealers to cover some spots. Given, my skin has been good to me lately, so I can get away with some undereye concealer and a light dusting of powder on top of this CC cream. I like the light texture of this and I seem to reach for it very often, especially the Original one.

rachel k before after


Rachel K CC Cream is sold exclusively at selected Guardian outlets and they retail for RM45.90 each. Have you seen it around? I can’t find it at Guardian Kinta City Ipoh, but have yet to check the one at Ipoh Parade. Have you tried this? How do you like it?


xoxo Lily


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  • I’m not familiar with this brand. The coverage looks very natural, it looks great on your skin.. Healthy and dewy 🙂

    • This brand is quite new. If you want to try it, I could CP it to you 🙂 I think it’s great for drier skin as well.

  • Hey Lily, it’s interesting how much coverage this has! I suppose it’s best used as a primer as well, since it does disappear after 6 hours. I like the SPF 35 as well. Can’t be too careful in summer!

    • Hi Sunny. Yeah, I should use it as a primer, but you know, when the lazy bug bites, I just swipe this on, powder and go. LOL! Even with the SPF, I still apply sunscreen underneath. The sun here is blazing hot, so I don’t like to risk it 🙂

  • Nida Moughal

    Never heard of this brand.

    • This brand is sold in Singapore and Malaysia, but I’m not sure if it’s available anywhere else…

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I’ve heard of this before and have been interested in hearing more so thanks! The powdery finish though is not for me and my dry skin. Too bad, as it does sound like a great primer for powder!

    • I thought this would work well on dry skin too. It dries powdery but not matte. It keeps skin hydrated and on drier skin, I think it’ll last even longer.

  • sataa

    I have heard of this CC cream before but I am unable to find it on any online shop 🙁 now you have tried BB creams as well would you say CC creams are better than BB creams or do you think they work the same ? I have a few BB creams(missha and the face shop) and I like them but after hearing so much about the CC creams I am tempted to get one too but I still think do I really need one ? what if I buy one and it would give same result as my BB creams ,what’s your suggestion ?

    • Well, CC stands for colour correct so I expect some sort of colour correcting properties in that cream. In my opinion, from what I have tried, BB creams give more coverage and I usually wear it alone without foundation… while CC Cream might be better used as a primer before foundation.

      • sataa

        O.K Thank you so much for your help!! I guess I should stick with my BB creams because if a CC cream can not be worn alone and it works as a primer then I would prefer my primer over it as it hides my open pores and helps my makeup to last long and I can but it easily 🙂 thanks again

        • Yup, no worries 🙂 Watch out for the coming DD cream though. LOL!

          • sataa

            hehe I heard about it too that it’s supposed to be some kind of sun protection thing, first BB then CC and then DD ….what next ? lolz and do you knoe there is a BB blush too

            • If they run down the alphabets, I’d probably have a very bad headache. It’s so darn cheezy! I was just offered to review a DD cream. Of course, I had to accept it. I’m ‘blardy’ curious. LOL!!!

  • Aww too bad–my oily skin would probably devour this in about an hour flat 😛 haha look great on you though!

    • Umm, yeah… I think so. LOL!

  • Claire

    This cc cream gives a very nice finish on your skin, it looks so natural. I love the dewy finish and the ingredients seem nice as well 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you! I wish it lasts longer on my skin though 🙂

  • cecy

    u can find this is station 18 Guardian

    • Oh, thank you for the heads up Cecy!!

  • Liz

    Pretty sure that this will be useless on me, lol. I’m so envious of people who can get away with using BBs and CCs only!

    • I’m telling you, this supplement I’m taking, and my Diorsnow regime is kicking in. I’m also using the Guerlain Blanc Perle during the day. That one mattifies. More on that later 🙂

  • I have heard about these but haven’t seen them in guardian..i was in guardian just yesterday..hmmm the good thing is it does not leave any white cast..some of bb creams i have tried leave weird white cast on me

    • Oh, for this I’d recommend the Neutral shade for you. It has a yellow base that you prefer, right? It’s only available at selected Guardians. It’s definitely available at the one in 1U – saw it there before 🙂