I Love These Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks!

My first lipstick was from Revlon. I’m sure of it! I was probably 16 or 17 and back then, it was this long wearing matte lipstick named Bronze, or something. It was the late 90’s and browns were IT for lips. Anyway, I’ve always thought Revlon made great lipsticks. I recently had a penchant for Revlon’s line of lipsticks called the Super Lustrous Lipsticks. Today, I want to show you the first 2 I bought. I then went back to got some more because I really liked them!


super lustrous

They come in a black plastic tube that I have no complaints of. Really. I can’t nit pick everything, and I thought these were decent. You get the shades labelled and they snap open and close tightly. I don’t have problems with the cap coming off (totally annoying if they did!) and finger prints are not very visible.





The 2 shades I have for you today are Rosewine and Pink Velvet. Rosewine is a brownish red and Pink Velvet is a brighter warm pink. Both have cream finishes, and while they look matte on my lips, they don’t dry my lips out. They last for a good 4 hours, leaving a stain and they last through a non greasy meal. I love the creamy texture, but these babies are very pigmented. Let me show you the swatch on my arm, made with only 2 passes.




Pretty cool huh? Since lipsticks are meant to be worn on the lips, here is how they are worn.



pink velvet


This line of lipstick has been around for a while already. I bought them at Watsons when there was discount. I think they cost me RM26.88 each. I have this urge to go back and get everything, so it’s good I’m on a ban. Haha! However, I did pick up 2 more a couple of months back and they are Sandalwood Beige which I used here and here, and Kiss Me Coral. Oh, I also have Blushing Nude which I talked about before. If you haven’t tried these, I suggest you go have a look. The shade selection is pretty good, so I’m sure you can find something you’ll like. Furthermore, the price is quite a steal 🙂

Have you tried them? What is your favourite shade?


xoxo Lily