New Player In Town: Riviere D’or Cosmetics. A Review and A Penny For Your Thought?

This is my longest post yet, so bear with me!

I used to wonder how much better a skincare product would be if the amount spent on advertising, packaging and hiring top notch celebrities and models was actually used on the quality of the skincare itself. When I was approached by an unknown company to test their products, I was initially hesitant. I can’t find any reviews online. In fact, I can’t find much info on the company at all. I did question its credibility, but then even big luxury brands were once a nobody. It takes time to build credibility, and most of all, people who are willing to give it a go.


whole line

So I was game, because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. I was preached what I wanted skincare to be – money actually spent to bring quality instead of money spent on shiny packaging and extensive marketing. I did patch tests to make sure I had no allergic reactions, and I was very careful, very observant of how my skin reacted. I spoke to Keith often, and he is one of the formulators. He used to work in the USA with a well known international brand, came back to Malaysia and decided to formulate his own line of skincare. The products were sold through doctors, with rave reviews from patients, and if you’re a skeptic, you might ask… How do you know if it’s true? Well, you and I don’t. Now the products are available to the public through their Facebook page. I used their range of skincare for 6 weeks since before Chinese New Year and I am ready to tell you more about it.. Are you ready?

Let’s keep an open mind ūüôā

Before we start, let me just tell you that there are no mineral oils or artificial fragrances in these products. Some products smell like burnt brown sugar while others just don’t smell like much. The foam cleanser is very gentle on the skin. I like that it foams up itself, and while it cleans thoroughly, my skin never felt dry or taut. The makeup remover has to be shaken before use. It is similar to bi-facil removers because I tried NOT shaking it and I saw the separation of oil and solution. This smells a little of citrus and quite pleasant. I find that I need to use quite a bit to get my liquid foundation off completely, so I definitely prefer my own cleansing oils. The toner comes in a spray bottle, and it is yellow liquid. I like to spray it on my hands then pat on the toner all over my face. I was reminded that I only need very little of the products to work because they are ‘potent’.


foam cleanser



For the day, I apply the brown face serum all over my face including eyes, followed by eye cream and sunscreen. The serum’s texture doesn’t glide on like what I’m used to. So I take one pump, dot it all over my face and spread it out as much as I can. The eye cream however, is very¬†emollient. I only need less than half a pump for both eyes. I find that if I apply makeup or undereye concealer too soon after the eye cream, the makeup doesn’t stay very long. So, having that in mind, I wait for about 15 minutes after my skincare before applying my makeup.¬†The sunscreen is in spray form, and it feels like dry oil. I spray it on my hands then pat on my face.

To tell you the truth, it took a bit of getting used to, and my patience was running thin. I wouldn’t have stuck to it for so long if I didn’t see the results so soon. My face started looking brighter and the most obvious result is the disappearance of black heads on my nose!




For night time, after cleansing my face, I apply a pre-serum which is White Youth Cellular Renewal Booster and then the serum all over my face. I find that my face gets rather dry without any moisturizer, so I use it at night. It is quite rich and I find that it gets quite oily in the day. I sleep in an air conditioned room at night, so I don’t mind my night moisturizers to be heavier. Of course, the eye cream always go on before my moisturizer. It’s just how I like to apply my skincare.




I wanted another person’s opinion on this skincare, so I let my mom use it. After 2 weeks, she noticed her skin tone more even and her eyes less puffy. She uses the moisturizer day and night and didn’t think it is too rich for her dry mature face. After I got off the skincare, there were a few breakouts especially on my nose (ugh!) but it settled after a couple of weeks. I don’t know if it’s a withdrawal symptom or if it’s purely hormones, so I thought I’d just let you know.

I find that the line of skincare does work on my skin and my mom’s skin as well. It didn’t break me out while I was on it, and I noticed very clean pores and very little black heads. Now that I’m off the skincare, I do find I have more blackheads to deal with, but nothing unmanageable. The list of ingredients for each product is listed on its Facebook page so if you’re interested, do hop on over to have a look <here>. They provide excellent customer service, making sure your skin gets the right treatment for your specific concerns. I compiled the price list for your convenience.

  • White Youth Supreme Mousse Cleanser RM188
  • White Youth¬†Power Cleanse Accelerator RM188
  • White Youth¬†Radiant Revelation Toner RM388
  • White Youth¬†Serum Empowerizer RM508
  • White Youth Cellular Renewal Booster RM358
  • White Youth¬†Transformative Eye Factor Extreme¬†-eye moisturizer- RM368
  • White Youth¬†Ultimate Youth Proliferator Extreme¬†-face moisturizer- RM458
  • White Youth¬†Superior White UV Integral Protection Fluid SPF 30+ / PA +++ RM358


Now the question remains. Will YOU be spending your money on it? The price is comparable to Dior, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, the more prominent and popular brands which have proved themselves throughout the years. Did Riviere D’or perform so much better to warrant my firm believe that it is worth the price? Fellow blogger Paris B of My Women Stuff put up an article which voiced out a whole lot of concerns about new brands. They are all valid and I understand where she comes from. Perhaps the unknown is a huge factor here. Would I be a hypocrite to say that the brand might warrant more credibility if a famous spokesperson advertise for the company? If there was a dot com store for the brand instead of selling through Facebook? If I see that some money was actually spent on making the brand more visible? All this, while I already told you that the products DO WORK on my skin? Would I seem shallow to tell you that I do prefer the smooth luxurious texture of my Dior skincare, and I actually like to smell something good, other than burnt brown sugar? Perhaps I appreciate aesthetics more than I thought. Let me emphasize again that all these are going through my head while I already told you that the products do work!

Do you see my debacle? I can’t make up my mind whether to tell you to go for it, or just save your money for a luxury brand. I’m no chemist so I wouldn’t know if the ingredients are truly topnotch! I know there are science genius among you readers, so help me out here.

I gave an unknown brand a try. My mom always scolds me for using my skin as an experiment but hey, my skin did get better from this! I also wanted to support a local brand, so there. Now, my question to you is, would you give it a try? If you’re hesitant, what would you like to see before you’d make the jump? I’d love to know the reasons behind your decisions!


xoxo Lily


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