Will VanityTrove April Redeem Itself?

So, VanityTrove went through a rocky start. Their debut box 2 months ago was average, their second box was a disaster, and now comes the third box: VanityTrove April 2013. Will this box redeem VanityTrove’s reputation or is it going downhill from here? The theme for this month’s box is The Shower Of Summer. I have 3 months to work out the relevant themes to what’s inside the box. I just can’t attune my mind frequency to what they are thinking. I absolutely cannot relate to it the last 2 months, but I think I finally get it this month!


VT April 2013

VT brochures


Products in this month’s subscription box are:

  • Clarins 50% discount voucher on face or body treatment at Clarins Skin Spa KLCC only, valid until 30 June 2013
  • Clarins White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum, reviewed here (5 sample sachets)
  • ORIKS Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream [a face moisturizer] (3 x 1g)
  • KilaDoll Red Wine Q10 sheet mask (1 x full sized sheet)
  • Kate Eyeshadow DB in GD-1 RM49 (1 x full sized palette)
  • Perkins Nail Wrap RM39.90 (1 x full sized pack)
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT (1 sample vial)

So for summer, you’ll need to brighten your skin (NOT bronzing or tanning. It’s Asia after all) while keeping it moisturized. The neutral gold eye shadows bring the summer glow to your eyes, while nautical nails make you feel like you’re sailing the seas. The scent however makes me think of those unbearable hot and muggy nights when I was in Perth. I personally would have preferred something lighter and more fun but scents are very personal. How did I do? Side note, I wouldn’t be caught dead using the nail wraps but you never know, I might just wear it on the blog to let you see some stripy blue and pink nails with a gold anchor on the tip. It’s so not tacky at all!


VT prods

VT prods open


What I do like about this month’s offerings is that you get your RM60 worth and more. There are 2 full sized items and the samples are generous. I am keeping the Clarins samples and the samples of moisturizer for travel. They are handy like that. There is FINALLY a useable makeup product in the box and here’s the swatch for you below. The colours are very wearable and it brightens your eyes with just the right amount of sheen.


Kate GD1 swatch


Why didn’t they START with this box? It would have been a great first impression, and I might have subscribed to the second box. I hope VanityTrove will keep this up, because compared to the huge disappointment in the second box, this has finally put it back on the pedestal. However, the fluctuation and uncertainty of the quality still remains. VanityTrove is one of the more expensive subscription boxes in the country, and if the more affordable ones are doing better, why should I choose you? What if there’s a recurrence of the March disaster? I hate to be harsh and critical, but hey, even if I didn’t say it, I’m sure you (yes, you, the one who’s reading) are thinking it. Right? I am curious to know what May will bring, so I will be watching out for the reviews online. I have always been a skeptic, and I still am, if not more. The April box gives more value than you paid for, for sure, so let’s hope the coming months will be as good if not better.


xoxo Lily


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  • BooBooNinja

    Maybe your girls could use the nail strips. If you don’t have the time or inclination to cut them down to their size, you could use a hole puncher to make nail stickers. I bet they’d looooooove playing with them. (But maybe when they’re on school holiday. Their school probably has a no NP policy. If not, play away!)

    • Hey! Great idea! I’ll do that this weekend. Thanks sweetie!

  • The eyeshadow is very pretty, and the nail stickers are so cute….. I love anchors 😉

    • I’m not sure about the nail stickers but the eye shadow is quite pretty indeed 🙂

  • I am sure Ash would love them stick-ons. She, afterall, puts anything that sticks on herself anyways.

  • I’m not sure if I’ll subscribe to the box though! The only item that caught my eye is the Kate eyeshadow… Everything else just isn’t quite my cup of tea. :s I was about to say Chloe and Ash would enjoy those nail wraps but others beat me to it! =D

    • I know what you mean. I cut out the gold anchors and stuck it on the little girls’ thumb, and guess what? They only lasted for a day, even with top coat on. LOL! They had fun though…

  • OMG those nail wraps hahahha they are so gloriously tacky, I kind of love them. However, I do plan on smearing black glittery eyeshadow all over my lids tomorrow because I want to see how the UD Moondust eyeshadows look, so clearly I have no qualms about loud makeup even when I’m sitting in class. I’m just not a fan of the lack of control you have with subscription boxes, but it’s good that this one got better! Hopefully it’s all uphill from here.

    • Yup, it’s definitely the control thing. I’m a control freak! I think it’s hard to satisfy everyone, but this month is a good try 🙂

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Great content if you ask me!

    • Fingers crossed May will be a good one too 🙂

  • I just recently rekindled a beauty box subscription and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. After several month’s worth of disappointment (every box contained a granola bar…???), I canceled that subscription almost a year ago. I read an article recently comparing all of the different beauty box services and Ipsy seemed like a contender, so I subscribed. If it doesn’t rock my socks off, I’ll cancel it. If the samples and products don’t feel like a thoughtfully put-tgoether box, I’d rather spend my $ buying the products *I* thoughtfully select, lol! 🙂 I’ve got to go read about the March disaster now! I’m scared!

    • Granola bar? LOL! I hope you’ll blog about your Ipsy experience. I’d like to know what that box is like too 🙂

      • Right?! Who wants a granola bar, lol? I will definitely post about the Ipsy box when I get that puppy! 🙂

        • Can’t wait, Kristen!

  • PS: I meant to say that I find it interesting that brighteners/lighteners are the jam in Asia for summer! Here (in the US), bronzer dominates the spring and summer! I love learning about the differences in culture! I think it’s so cool!

    • Yes, brightening / whitening products are a craze in Asia. In general, majority of the women here want to have fair flawless skin. I’m one of those women too. Speaking for myself, I hate getting tanned. Makes me look dirty. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s just a general thing. In Western countries, it’s more of getting that healthy glow, bronzed skin. Nope, not here. I guess that’s why you don’t find many bronzing products here, while whitening products are mostly Asia exclusive…

      • I think that is so interesting! I think I need to move there b/c without a tan, I’m in the pale category and it’s not as coveted here! 🙂

        • LOL! In summer, my friends would lie on the beach while I’d hide under an umbrella. Hahaha! This was when I was studying in Perth Australia.