A Little Tanned, A Little Bronzed – Just A Little

Bronzers are everywhere. Many blog posts I read are about Summer collections, so I got a little summerlicious bug 😛 First off, let me tell you that I do not like looking tanned. I prefer pale and pasty. When I’m tanned, I look dirty. Go figure! However, I see my Dior Aurora (from last year’s Summer collection) staring at me, and I had an itch to use it. I decided to make it a little warmer by layering a base before applying this bronzer. These are the 2 products I used for this effect.



The Lunasol cream blush in EX01 Beige Red gives a hint of pinky blush on my cheeks and when I layer Dior Aurora over it, it looks like a nude blush. I also use a bigger face brush to lightly sweep Aurora on my temples, and instead of applying it on the apple of my cheeks, I swept the bronzer across my face horizontally (left cheek, nose, right cheek and back). I don’t know why I decided to do that, but I thought it was fun.

With my face powder, I dabbed it across the centre of my face, from forehead to nose to chin. This gives a hint of brightening effect on that area, to avoid looking flat. I didn’t use any highlighter because I didn’t want to add bling. Aurora has a very slight hint of shimmer already, and I didn’t want the highlighter to compete with it. This is the end result, 2 photos, taken in different lighting condition.


glow indoor glow sunlight


What do you think? Do you like my combo? Looks like I’ve been in the sun doesn’t it? LOL!

Do you use bronzers? What’s your favourite? How do you like to apply it? Also, there’s a new blush/bronzer duo from Dior’s Birds Of Paradise Collection that is gorgeous! Go check it out 🙂


xoxo Lily