Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Palette For Your Wedding Day

Bobbi Brown just launched its Bridal Collection, and I was sent the Luxe Eye Palette (RM240). Before I opened the palette, I was already guessing what the colours are. I thought it would be a palette of soft neutral colours, less shimmer, and some taupes. Well, I wasn’t all wrong… but some shades did surprise me.





Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Palette comes in a reflective metal case that looks really good – untouched. We all know about reflective metal cases, don’t we? Hello fingerprints! The palette fits nicely on my hand. Not too big that it slips, yet not too small that might arouse questions of whether it’s worth the price. There are 6 eye shadows in the palette, and each one is named at the back of the case.


luxe3 luxe4


On the left, we have the light neutrals. Cream is a matte off white / light beige, Pink Opal is a shimmery light beige with a hint of pink. The pink does not show very well against my skin tone though. Oyster Grey is a very light taupe, so light that it could pass as just another light beige with a hint of grey. On the right, we have Pink Pearl which is a pinky purple colour. This shade is rather cool, but due to its lightness, it should be OK to wear across all skin tones. Some might pull the pink out and some might pull more purple. Pink Lilac is a sparkle eye shadow, and it’s like very fine glitter. This shade is very sheer, but the glitters are rather pronounced. Lastly, there’s Espresso which is a matte black with a slight hint of brown.


luxe5 swatch daylight


swatch flash


I took the swatches in both daylight and flash for you to see, because if it’s for a wedding, the bride will definitely be photographed – A LOT in different lighting conditions. I expected more matte or satin colours but we get more shimmery ones. Also, do you notice that the palette is just full of light shades? It would be hard to get some definition on the eyes, especially for those without a natural pronounced crease (i.e. ME). I guess the lighter colours could be mixed with Espresso but it’s just not the same. I would have liked Oyster Grey to be MORE grey, a little darker would be nice, and perhaps an ashy brown for versatility.

The textures of the eye shadows are great, don’t get me wrong, and it’s a pretty palette to look at. Bobbi Brown eye shadows last the whole day on my lids (on top of primer) and the formula is great to work with. However, if I were to use this palette exclusively┬áfor a look, it would be more difficult. I find I have to use other colours to complement these and that shade in particular is the brown I mentioned earlier.

I will be creating a look with this palette, scheduled to be up on Saturday, the Femme Boulevard post, so keep an eye out for that ­čÖé Have you been to Bobbi Brown lately? There are also some brushes and face products launched together with this Bridal Collection. They are very pretty, so go check it out.


xoxo Lily


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