Dior Birds Of Paradise Summer Nail Lacquer Duo in 001 Samba

I went to the Dior counter last weekend, and finally tested the Dior Birds Of Paradise nail polish duo in 001 Samba. I had to have it, but it was out of stock! I was so bummed because I hate waiting for the stock to arrive, if any. And then, just yesterday, the mail man came and delivered me this. Trust me when I tell you I gave a little yelp of excitement! This post is going to be picture heavy, because I really love this combo. Furthermore, pictures speak a thousand words, no?





Samba is a nail lacquer duo which consists of two colours (duh!): 402, a light turquoise and 794, a metallic peacock green. It’s great when I get some colour descriptions because if you left it to me, I’d say they are teals. Blue greens, or greenish blues… teals 😛 I know I’m really bad at describing colours, and that is why there are enough pictures to SHOW you what they look like!


samba2 samba4


The brush is a smaller one instead of their regular flat tapered brush that I love. It takes a few more strokes to get the job done, but it’s not a matter of life and death. The formula is very forgiving, and it is difficult to have a streaky finish. That, coming from someone who sucks at nail polish application. Here’s how they look like worn. Pretty, ain’t it? GORGEOUS! Pictures show two coats of the nail polish with Dior top coat.


samba5 samba6


When I saw 402, I thought it was similar to Saint Tropez. I compared it, along with Waterlily, and Samba 402 is somewhere in between. I don’t have anything remotely close to Samba 794, given my modest nail stash, but I thought Butter London Victoriana was close. Victoriana is less vibrant, more grey.


samba8 samba9


Here’s a last one before we go…




Happy dance!! This nail lacquer duo retails for RM95 and is limited edition. I think it sells better than the other duo which consists of a bright pink and blue. If you love this as much as I do, don’t hesitate and go grab it while you still can!


xoxo Lily


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