Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Fresh Transparency Liquid Foundation

I’ve been talking so much about this prior to this review proper, I’m sure you’re either intrigued or sick of it already. Yes, it’s the Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Fresh Transparency Liquid Foundation (RM170). From the previous Diorsnow liquid foundations I’ve tested, they were thicker and heavier than their Dior Nude or Diorskin Forever counterparts. However, this one is different.


diorsnow foundation 1

I have reviewed a few Dior foundations here before, so you shouldn’t be a stranger to the packaging anymore. The only thing different with this packaging is the revamp of the white cap, in line with the other products in the Diorsnow line. It has changed to a satin white that doesn’t attract finger prints. I was very happy to see this change. I’m a bit anal when it comes to keeping my makeup look clean, so this does help 🙂 As usual, there’s a pump to dispense the foundation.


diorsnow foundation 2


At first touch, I gasped. It felt like cool gel but so light that once it is on the skin, it just disappears AND makes the skin look smoother. Many light foundations disappear into skin, and they provide light to at best medium coverage. This one however, gives you medium coverage (can be built up to more coverage) with the texture of a light coverage foundation. How does that sound? The foundation is also infused with Dior’s patented Icelandic Glacial Water, so your skin is kept hydrated the whole time you’re wearing the foundation. While on my normal skin, I don’t feel the need to powder my face, save the T-zone, my face is kept fresh for 5 hours without touching up. And after that, I notice some shine on my T-zone, and just some blotting will take the shine away while keeping the foundation intact. That’s right, no melting of foundation!


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Picture below shows the amount you get from one pump, and it is sufficient to cover the whole face and neck. In the un-retouched “before” photo, you’d notice that my face is much darker than my neck. It’s a problem that I’ve had to deal with since forever, so I have to get a foundation that would match my face to my neck and the rest of my body. See the “after” photo? My face and neck match. I am wearing ONLY the foundation, nothing else, so you can see the difference of a light layer of this foundation. My skin tone is evened out nicely, and some light pigmentation is covered too. Also, notice my skin doesn’t look flat. There is still some dewiness maintained, looking absolutely natural, but if you prefer a matte finish, just apply some powder after the foundation.





I have been gushing over this foundation, I know. Since middle of March, this is the liquid foundation I reach for! You asked me what base I was using because my skin looked different, healthier, better… well, this is it 🙂 Am I going to recommend this? Absolutely! Go try it for yourself, apply it using your fingers and FEEL the difference. I would think those with normal combination oily or combination dry will love this. I can’t say for those with extremely oily or dry skin, and you might need a primer that addresses your concern before applying the foundation. Let’s be real. There won’t be ONE foundation that suits all skin types. However, don’t let it stop you to go try and see if it works for you. Then, let me know!


xoxo Lily


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  • This looks AMAZING. I wants it hahaha! You had me at cooling and Glacial water! I want this to be available here! Sigh….

    • There’s always CP, Trakee! Just let me know 🙂

  • Liz

    Wow! It does a phenomenal job at evening out your skin tone. It definitely doesn’t sound like the right formula for me, but glad you found your way to one another. 🙂

    • Yup, love this! It’s great to find something that works 🙂

  • Wow, this looks like a must have! thanks for the review 🙂

    • You should try it! It’s really a good one!

  • Oh wow that is seriously amazing on you! It makes your skin look so bright and luminous but still lets your skin shine through! Definitely a keeper, eh? 😀

    • Definitely a keeper! Love this foundation 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Wow, awesome! Love the natural finishing that evens out your skin tone and matches your neck 🙂 Definitely a keeper I agree and something to rave about. Hmm, should I try liquid foundation? Totally in love and awed by your post!

    • Aww, thanks Jennifer 🙂 Haven’t you tried liquid foundation before? You gotta give this a go – at least sample it on your face and feel it yourself!

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Oooh that ingredient Isocodadane or whatever… not sure what it is but I just know that when I see that at the start of an ingredients list, it’s a good sign. It seems to be like a magical ingredient for a pore-minimizing, diffused but natural finish. This foundation looks SO natural on you, really lovely

    • Pore minimizing is awesome. I definitely need that around my nose area. This foundation IS very lovely, and I’m lucky to have received it 🙂

  • liyeun

    Oh, I have a sample of the whitening foundation last year and I find the formula abit thick for my liking. So this is the revamped one? If it is light but offers medium coverage, I must not miss this! Thanks Lily!

    • I tried the Diorsnow foundation last year too, and thought it was a bit thick. Then again, I really can’t remember exactly how it felt. LOL! I just know that this one is light on the skin, and it makes my skin look good 🙂 You should go have a try and see it for yourself. Then let me know!!

  • Rachel C.G

    The foundation looks really amazing on you!!
    i’m going to buy this online but i’m worried to buy the wrong shade. i was once tested with 021 linen of the dioskin nude line foundation do you know if the colors run the same as the other line?

    • Hi Rachel. From my experience, the shades are quite uniform across products so if you’re 021, it should be the same for all Dior foundations 🙂

  • Allison

    Hi, I was just wondering if you’ve ever tried the Diorskin Nude liquid foundation and if so, how it compares to this one? I just found out about the Diorsnow foundation and Diorskin Nude is my HG, so if this one is as good or better…or best for summer, please let me know 🙂

    I also just bought the Diorskin Nude versatile powder compact and it works great as a foundation too.


    • Hi Allison, yes, I’ve tried the new Diorskin Nude Glow liquid foundation as well. The Nude Glow sets more luminous than Diorsnow foundation, and the Nude Glow texture is a bit lighter. However, when put on my skin, the Diorsnow one lasts longer while looking natural the whole day. Hope that helped!

      • Allison

        Hi Lily, thanks so much for the quick response :)!
        Hmmm if Diorskin Nude is a lighter consistency then I don’t think I would like the Diorsnow as much D: …I prefer lighter foundations with up to medium coverage, for a more natural look. I have combo-oily skin so Diorsnow might work better for me in terms of lasting power but I am also acne-prone so the thicker texture might not work for me..><…

        Last question! Have you tried the Diorsnow compact foundation too? I was thinking about getting that for the summer maybe since it has spf 30…

        Thanks so much again! 🙂

        • I haven’t tried the latest Diorsnow compact, but their previous versions are all finely milled and very smooth. So, I expect nothing short of great 🙂

  • I am a sucker for anythingfrom Dior and this post is just as hazardous to my bank account as Paris’ post on the Jelly Lip Pens! The only problem is that I actually had a go at this foundation and it really is as amazing you wrote! I can’t stop looking at the mirrow with my mouth open … and the cooling texture, a bliss to apply in the mornings. Looks like I’ll kissing a chunk of my salary goodbye soon :-p

    • Ah, I’m a huge Dior fan too! The Jelly Lip Pens are pretty good too 🙂 Oh, so you finally tried the Diorsnow foundation? It is really awesome, isn’t it? I’m so happy you like it too 🙂 Have you tried the Pink Glow blush? I can guarantee you’ll love this blush too. LOL!

      • Sandra

        Where can I get this??

        • Hi Sandra, it’s Dior, so you can get it at Dior counters. It might be Asia exclusive though