Diorsnow makeup: Frost Bloom and Crystal Rose

Today I will be talking about 2 items sent to me a while ago. A Diorsnow edition eye palette Frost Bloom and a face powder called Diorsnow Light Reveal Colour Correcting Powder in 001 Crystal Rose. Diorsnow skin care is one of my favourites, and it is a whitening / brightening range available in Asia. The makeup launched on a yearly basis also promotes just that. A brightening effect for the face. So, face powders are to illuminate, and eye shadows are usually pale, sheer and irridescent. It’s the snowy effect after all 🙂


frost bloom

Crystal Rose 1


Let’s talk about the face powder first. This year, the packaging has a white satin finish that doesn’t attract finger prints. Imagine the sun shining through a glass window that’s frosted with snow. I like this packaging much better. It also comes with a flat face brush that is soft and very usable. The hair does fall a little, but it’s not a major issue. I’d probably use it when I travel, but at home, I always prefer using my own face brushes.


Crystal Rose 2


This year, there isn’t any sprayed on glitter that looks like snow flakes. We get a no nonsense 3 stripes of powder, a matte light beige (1. Even Skin Tone Effect & Pore Coverage), a frosted off-white (2. Transparency & Radiance) and a pale pink (3. Color Correction). What I like to do is to use number 1 on my T-zone, then swirl the brush on 2 and 3 where I want to highlight such as on top of my cheekbones. Number 2 has shimmer, so I try not to apply it on my forehead or it’d look a little shiny. With whatever that’s left on my brush, I’d sweep it on the rest of my face. The reason is, I don’t need much powdering other than my T-zone. The rest of my face is normal – doesn’t get oily, and not dry either. The brush provided easily picks up the individual stripes. With my own face brush however, I have to be a little more careful.


Crystal Rose 3


Below is the individual swatch, but once blended, you can’t tell. The finely milled powder sinks into the skin, without leaving any trace of powder. Quite ironic really, but that’s what we want, don’t we? The effect is subtle, and I get compliments on how glowy my skin look. Most of them don’t even notice there’s makeup on my face. I’ve been using this to set my Diorsnow foundation and the effect is gorgeous. You can see it in action here. My face does not look flat and this is my favourite face combo for the last few weeks. Some of you asked what foundation / powder I was using in my last few FOTDs, and babes, this is it 🙂


Crystal Rose swatch

Crystal Rose ingredients
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Now, on to the eye palette, Frost Bloom. I think the name is very apt – I imagine pretty pastel flowers covered some a light layer of snow. Truthfully, this palette might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For anyone with medium to dark skin tone, this would be like a palette of highlighters. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is quite a beautiful palette then! The only colour I find difficult to pick up is the one on the top left, while the rest are buttery. I’ve already explained the sheerness and paleness, in line with the Diorsnow concept, so I’m not going to make a comment like – “I wish there’s a darker shade” or “Why are the colours so darn sheer?” 😛 However, I am going to tell you that this palette isn’t easy to wear on its own. I HAVE to pair it with a darker shade from my stash or my eyes would look swollen and puffy.


frost bloom swatch


I don’t usually like irridescent pale colours because I find it hard to pull off. However, this is a look I managed to come up with. I added grey liner on my upper lash line to bring together the pale green and pink together. I used a blue liner on my lower lash line, then smudged it using the brightest blue shade in the palette. You might not be able to differentiate one colour from the other because even in real life, I can’t tell them apart  >_< On my face, I used Diorsnow liquid foundation, then set with Crystal Rose. I used number 1 all over my face, and mixed numbers 2 and 3 for a subtle highlight at the centre of my nose and on the high of my cheekbones.


Diorsnow look


I hope you liked the look I came up with. While I can’t tell you to run for the eye palette, the face powder (RM198) is definitely something I recommend… together with the foundation of course (RM170) 🙂 The review of the foundation will be up later this week.


xoxo Lily


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  • Charlotte

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for the review on the face powder and its finally up 🙂 Now I’m in a dilemma whether to get the coming-soon dior bronze blush duo from the summer collection or this face powder. Hurmsssss..

    Btw, I love the pastel frosty look on you! xx

    • They’re different! One is a powder and the other a blush. Both however, are limited edition 😛

  • I like BOTH haha! SO PRETTY. Wish we had this here! Probably best we don’t though LOL.

    • That’s how I feel with Clarins makeup. Lol!

  • Claire

    This palette looks like something I would wear a lot, I am all over pastels and light colours now 🙂 I like the look you did with it! I don’t know about the powder, I think it is just a normal powder but the e/s palette looks yum!

    • So you like pale frosty colours. Bet you can pull it off really well with your light skin too!

      • Claire

        pale yes, frosty so-so but pale frosts ‘can’ look nice 😀 I am all over pastels anyway and good pastels are very hard to find *sigh*

        • Good pastels are definitely hard to find because they can look chalky. These are done well 🙂

  • Wow this is so, so pretty! I was so doubtful that a powder that white could really look translucent on but you proved me wrong. It’s beautiful on you–your skin is so perfect and slightly luminous! 😀 And the shadows are pretty too. 🙂 Gorgeous look, Lily!!

    • Thanks Becca! The face powder is gorgeous. Gives a beautiful finish. The eye shadow palette is tough for me to wear but glad you liked it. Whew!

  • Hey Lily, I saw these and to be honest didn’t really think they’d work well for me. I do like the look you put together though! While I can’t really overwhelm my eyes with very dark shades, I do need some definition 😉

    • Yeah I have to agree. I think many people will feel the same too!

  • Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

    So these aren’t colors I would usually wear personally, but they are super pretty, in a very springy, Easter egg, flowery kind of way

    • It’s the pastels right? They do look very pretty, just not easily wearable…

  • Liz

    Goddamn, they are pretty. I can’t wear pale eye shadows either but you look great!

    • Thanks Liz and thank goodness you guys think the look is ok. Pale frosty eye shadows don’t agree much with me. Lol!

  • The face powder is so pretty!!! GAh!

    • It is! Love how it sets my liquid foundation 🙂

  • Gorgeous!! The packaging is divine! 🙂

    • I’m with you! 😛

  • liyeun

    Yay to the color correcting powder! Was waiting for this review and now im happy to go to my nearestdior to get one of this! Thanks lily! The eyeshadow is reslly sth we hv to becareful of as it can make our eyes lil puffy but u pull it off, in fact u look younger! Lol

    • Thanks liyuen! And once you get the powder, let me know how it works for you too 🙂

  • You really made the look wearable! Your skin looks absolutely flawless btw! And yeah, a palette like that is not for everyone, but I can see how this might look great on some and even on you!

    • Aww, thanks Teri. I think I’ll stick to my neutrals and darker shades though. Lol!

  • gin

    I really like this look!! U look so sweet and young!!!!
    The palate looks so yummy.. like candy! Haha..
    But dont think I will get it I have other blue and pink palate

    • It’s definitely not a must have, even though it’s a nice addition to the stash.