Femme Boulevard Does Bridal

This look is requested by dear Joey. If you guys didn’t know, she’ll be getting married. I want to give her a shout out, because her wedding is today itself!! Congratulations, beautiful Joey. Hope your wedding today was a blast!

My own wedding look was very simple and defined so I shall go with that. When it comes to wedding photos, I want something classic and timeless so that when I look back at them 20 years down the road, I don’t regret it. Timeless for me means natural looking, with a little glow. However, there will be lots of photo taking and flashes, etc… so it’s important to use something that is flash friendly. Choosing the right products is important.



For base, I always count on Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. There isn’t flashback and it makes my skin look good. Since it’s gonna be a long day, a good primer that suits your skin condition is a must. For powder, I use Dior Nude sculpt powder for a little more coverage. I also used a light reflecting concealer like Clinique Airbrush Concealer under my eyes and at the sides of my nose. For a little bit of highlight, I went with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl.

I find that layering also helps with staying power, so for the cheeks, I used Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Calypso Coral under NARS Deep Throat blush. This combo brightens my face in real life and in photos, it still shows but more subtly. Contouring might help with better photos, so that there is more dimension to the face. I use Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Summer Tan to sculpt, followed by Dior Amber Diamond on top.




For eyes, I stick to something light and neutral. Bobbi Brown recently launched their Bridal Collection and it was timely that I received the Luxe Eye Palette, so I decided to use it. I think Chanel Prelude is great for natural and contoured looking eyes too. Lashes do add something extra to a look, and since the lashes are still stuck on my eyes, it’s not in the photo. I used a natural criss cross one from The Face Shop. I also used MAC Macroviolet to subtly smoke out my eyes before lining my eyes with Diorshow Art Pen. What I did was layering. After applying Cream, I layered Oyster Grey over it. I used Espresso to define my eyes, and after that, I pat some Pink Pearl at the centre of my lids. MAC Macroviolet was used on my lashlines, a little thicker and smudged out, and then I drew a very thin line using Diorshow Art Pen to define the eyes further. For the lips, I layered Rouge Dior Nude in Grege over Dior Lip Maximizer.


eyes lips


Here is my final look…



look1 look2


And of course, how can we forget some accessories…




I hope you enjoyed this look I came up with. I didn’t have any props for a wedding (mine was ages ago!) so I made do with whatever I had in the room. If you knew what was going on behind the scenes, you’d probably snort with laughter. LOL!

Do remember to check out Joey’s and Teri’s version. Also, I want to take this opportunity to introduce Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons. She will be doing the induction post which is Nude for New Beginnings. Please give her a warm welcome 🙂 Until the next Femme Boulevard…




xoxo Lily




  • Wow Lily, you did a beautiful job with this post! I LOVE the look! It’s the ultimate pretty look! Love the lashes you used too–they’re natural-looking but definitely add an extra bit of oomph to the eyes!

    • Thank you Becca! I was scouring the house for something I could use… and I suck at hair, so all I could think of was to tie it back. I’m glad you like the look itself though. While I don’t like wearing lashes, I have to admit they add something to the face. I now know why some people wear lashes daily.

  • You look gorgeous Lily, I love the eye makeup! xx

    • Thank you Lilit 🙂

  • Liyana

    Wow, u look really gorgeous Lily.U know sometimes it kills me seeing most ‘mak andam’ overdoing their makeup for their brides. 😐

    • HAHAHA! I think I know what you mean. It’s like an inch of paint on their face, right? LOL!

  • sataa

    You look very pretty , the eye makeup is amazing as always.I love your accessories especially the pearl ear rings.
    Congratulations to the bride Joey although I don’t know her but she is starting a new chapter of her life may she have a blessed and happy life.

    • Thank you Sataa. I wore this exact pair of earrings on my wedding day. I had it made just for that special day. Understated yet sophisticated 🙂

  • Way to go, Lily! I really didn’t like how the BB palette looks, but the look you came up with is turning that around! It’s glam but still very natural!

    • Thanks Sunny. It did require lots of blending though. Lots and LOTS of blending 😛

  • Lovely and timeless, great job 🙂 You’re looking fab!

    • Thanks Mariella. Good to know you like it 🙂

  • liyeun

    U definitely do the BEST eye makeup, ever!!!! ^_^

    • Aww, really? That’s an awesome compliment. THANK YOU!!!

  • Awww, gorgeous, Lily! I bet your wedding photos are beautiful! I really like the accessories you chose, too.

    I went with something classic, but bold – red lips 😉 My mom wore red lipstick and her photos still look fabulous, so hopefully I’ll feel that way in twenty years, too.

    • Thanks Larie 🙂 Ah, the classic red lips. It’s absolutely timeless so I’m sure you have nothing to worry about!

  • Lily, you look absolutely pretty and happy in these pics! I wasn’t sure about the BB palette, but you really showed us that it’s very wearable! Looking great!

    • Thanks Teri 🙂 Well, since it’s a bridal do, I did my best to put on my sweetest smile. LOL!!

  • I could not wait to scroll down to the pics! I love this look! It is perfect for bridal and you look so very beautiful! I am loving the BB summer tan, I have a little addiction to contour products. The bouquet is a lovely touch. I really enjoyed this post.

    • Haha! Thanks Taylor, and I’m glad you approve 😀 The bouquet is actually a pot of flower. HAHAHA!

  • GORGEOUS Lily!! You look so pretty and it’s a perfect bridal look! I love the flushed cheeks especially-that combo is lovely on you! And you made that BB palette work!

    • Thank you Tracy! I was panicking because the post was due that evening and I haven’t done anything. I’m glad it turned out OK 🙂

  • This is a GORGEOUS wedding look! I love how glowing and dewy you look.. And just overall HAPPY!! That Bobbi palette performs really well here.. You really made it work! 🙂

    • Aww shucks… thanks Isabelle 🙂

  • Kiss & Make-up

    You look stunning, milady! 🙂

    • Thank you Melissa!

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Aww this is a really pretty, really classic bridal look! Definitely the type you’re grateful you wore 20 yrs down the road 🙂

    • Thanks Catherine. I’m glad you like this look too 🙂

  • BooBooNinja

    You are beautiful! Luminous skin, and the brows, eyes, cheeks and lips are stunning.

    • Aww, thanks Boo!

  • Hello Lily,
    Thank you so much for the special shout out =)
    I am completely with you on looks being classic for weddings..
    Classics are always timeless!!
    This look is so beautiful and flattering xx

    • Thanks Joey. Hope you had the best wedding you dreamed of!

  • Liz

    Look at you, going all out! You totally look like a sweet and happy bride. =)

    • LOL thanks. I was trying to figure out what would make this look wedding appropriate. The only thing, really, is the accessories – as well as the dress. Since I didn’t have an appropriate white dress, this is the best I could muster. HAHA!

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful bride we have there Lily 🙂 I like the simple yet alluring make up that you have applied so graciously. Congrats to Joey! Wishing her eternal bliss and joy in the next chapter with her lucky man.

    • Thank you Jennifer 🙂

  • You look beautiful, Lily! I love the look you created!

    • Thank you dear. It was a struggle getting the pictures right though!