Guerlain Blanc de Perle Smoothing UV Base Brightening Pearl Perfection SPF30 Works Great As A Primer

It’s a mouthful isn’t it?¬†Guerlain Blanc de Perle Smoothing UV Base Brightening Pearl Perfection SPF30 PA+++. Let’s just shorten it to UV Base. This Guerlain UV Base acts as a sunscreen and a face primer at the same time. I’ve been using this for the past month or so, and here’s what I think.


Guerlain UV base 1

The UV Base comes in a light plastic tube. While some luxury brands make their packaging solid and heavy, Guerlain makes theirs surprisingly lightweight and travel friendly. Even though the weight might be light, the quality of the packaging is by no means compromised. The UV Base can be used alone or under foundation. I have tried using it as a sunscreen, and I’ve also used it on top of my SPF50 when I know I’ll be out and about for the day. The texture of the UV Base is creamy but not very emolient or spreadable. So what I like to do is to squeeze some product onto my fingers, dab it all over my face before gently smoothing it out. That way, I don’t pull and tug my face.


Guerlain UV base 2 Guerlain UV base 3


I am not complaining that it is not emolient enough. In fact, I like that it is not slippery, but absorbs quickly to a semi matte finish. For my normal sometimes combination skin, I find that this texture keeps my face light and non greasy. Anything creamier might be too much for me, resulting in mid morning shine. I don’t find any difference in applying this alone as a sunscreen or on top of another higher SPF sunscreen (I use Shiseido Perfect UV Protector). What I mean is, my face doesn’t get greasy any faster or slower. So, it’s safe to say that this Guerlain UV Base is great even for those with oily skin. I don’t find it drying, and I’m sure those with dry skin can wear this well, on top of your moisturizer, of course.

SPF30 might be enough for those with a desk job but if you’re going to be running around outdoors, I always recommend applying a SPF50 first. Yes, I might be paranoid, but if I didn’t protect my skin properly, all the anti ageing products I use will be a waste of money. As you know, exposure to harmful UV rays is one of the main factors of premature skin ageing. Better to be safe than sorry, I say.


Guerlain UV base swatch Guerlain UV base swatch blend


I like to use this as a base before my powder foundation. It has been really hot and muggy here, and all I want is just to dust some powder on my face. When I apply this prior to powder, I find that the powder sets to a more natural finish, without being cakey or dry and powdery. When I use this before my liquid foundation, I also find that it’s easier to blend out my foundation without any streaks. For those of you who want a list of ingredients, please click the photo below to enlarge it.


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The Guerlain Smoothing UV Base has a very light refreshing flowery scent that I enjoy. It is not sweet, but it smells like violets, in a way. My skin seems to like this product very much, but of course, there is a BUT. It costs RM190 for only 30ml of product. It is expensive. I can get 50ml for cheaper, but hey, it is Guerlain after all. The price kinda comes with the brand. Have you tried this? What face primer / sunscreen do you use?


xoxo Lily


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