Tipsy Thursday: My Touching Up Routine

My day usually starts at 7am. I have a warm shower, get the kids ready, drop them off at school and I’d be at work just on time. When the kids aren’t behaving, I might have to apply my makeup at work (I have a set of makeup I keep at my office), but I usually like to apply my base at home. I usually slap on either a foundation or a BB cream, then dust it with powder.



Since I didn’t apply any oil control face primer, and in our warm and humid weather, it is only normal that my T-zone will be shiny by noon. Let’s not kid ourselves… unless you have dry skin. I have normal skin with a moderately oily T-zone and people usually term is normal/combination skin. My nose and the sides of my nose will grease up before my forehead while the other parts of my face stay normal. This is what I look like with makeup freshly applied. The morning light was cooler, hence there’s a bluish tinge to this photo.

By the 3rd hour, I like to blot my face BEFORE the oil melts the foundation. This is a sure way to make sure application still looks fresh. It’s really too late when the foundation on my nose slid off while the rest of my face still looked OK. So, the 3rd hour would be around 11am. After blotting, I dust some powder on my T-zone. I will repeat this step by around 3pm. Picture below is about 3 to 4 hours after application, on a humid day and after some outdoor activities. You’d notice shine, and my face dulled.




This is after touching up by blotting and powdering, with an added touch of pink tinted lip balm.


touched up


Easy isn’t it? If the foundation has mattifying properties, I’d probably only have to do this once at about noon or after lunch. Either way, touching up is easy. I don’t have to bring my foundation in and there’s no major “Operation Touch Up” or anything like that. In fact, when I’m lazy, and if I stay in an air conditioned room the whole day, I could get away with just blotting using that blue Clean & Clear Oil Control Film. They are affordable, easily available, and effective.

What about you? How often do you touch up and do you touch up at all?


xoxo Lily



  • Liz

    Ahh, your skin looks so good. I used to blot in stealth all the time. If I’m wearing a bad primer or foundation, have to blot within an hour. Regardless of what I wear, blot at the 3 hour mark. Then the rest of the day is blot, blot, blot at 30 mins/1 hour intervals!

    • This is me exactly, wifey. I usually have to start blotting between 1-3 hours after foundation application (depending on what I’m wearing) and then after that, about every 30 mins to 1 hour. I am surprised you have to blot as often as I do–I thought your face was more combination than oily?

      • Liz

        Lately it’s been more combination so it hasn’t been as bad. But the above blotting routine is what I’ve been doing for most of my life. Sometimes I just give up on the blotting and walk around GLEAMING. *gross* lol

        • Hey, gleaming is just glowy x2. I might prefer having oily rather than dry skin tho. No premature lines 🙂

    • Wow! You’d go through those blotting sheets very quickly then. Or do you use tissue?

      • Nope. I use the Clean & Clear blotting papers! So yes, I go through A LOT of them!! I was using Boscia’s for a while and I liked them a lot but ultimately, it was just cheaper and more convenient for me to go back to the C&C ones since I use so many and have to repurchase so often :/

        • yeah, I know what you mean. If I were going to use tons of them, I’d go for something affordable too. Furthermore, it’s only to absorb grease >_<

    • Thanks Liz. Told ya my skin has been kind to me. You and your Twitter wife are really match made in heaven. Even your skin condition is similar. LOL!!

  • lyn

    I’m on of those lazy ones who hardly ever touch up unless you count reapplying lipbalm as touching up. And I blot my face with tissue paper by gently pressing my t-zone… erm… that’s about it. I do carry pressed powder in my bag just in case I need to head out somewhere fancy or meet someone for dinner. But I hardly ever use it and the powder still looks brand new. Sigh… I’m useless…

    • Haha! I hit pan on the powder I keep in the office 🙂 When I’m busy, I forget about blotting but my skin does feel refreshed after touching up.

  • Josephine

    I have weird skin.. if I apply my base by 7 am, I need to blot by 8.30 am.. but after that initial blotting.. the next time I blot is probably 3 or 4 pm if I stay indoor.
    I seldom touch up coz I rarely bring out any powder

    • Ah, then perhaps if you try blotting after skincare before makeup, you won’t have to blot at 8.30?

  • sataa

    I have dry skin so I don’t need to blot as I don’t have any oil issues but I always say my skin is weird as makeup does not stay on it for a long time but I am a lazy girl I hardly touch up my makeup.I always buy foundations or bb creams which bloggers recommend as long lasting but even most of them fade away after 4 or 5 hours so now I use a face primer, even my lipsticks fade away within 2 or 3 hours 🙁 except the maybellinne super stay10 hour and 24 hour these do stay on for a really long time.
    I like your makeup in this pic I am a huge fan of natural looking makeup and this is perfect, which tinted lip balm did you use ?

    • I wonder why that is! I’m using Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm. They’re pretty good 🙂

  • I’m terrible at blotting! I have a million packets of Clean&Clear blotting sheets running around but I never use them! God knows I need to though, ha!

    • You know, I’ve tried Bobbi Brown blotting sheets and some more expensive ones but these work just as great. Why spend more? I’d take those sheets you’re not using, thanks. Lol 😛

  • Sarah

    Hi Lily,

    My skin is oily-combo, so I feel like I have to blot as soon as I step out of the house. -_-” I carry blotting papers and a powder, but I find I rarely reach for the powder..

    I’m actually looking for a good blotting powder, MAC Blot powder works great on the oily bits..but it breaks me out.
    Any suggestions would be great! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, I haven’t tried MAC blot powder before. I use very light powder to touch up, and I like those which brightens the face to give it a refreshing lift. I’ve been enjoying my Lunasol one – so much that I have hit pan! I wrote a review of it before. Here’s the link –>

      • Sarah

        Thanks for the suggestion! Will try that, I’ve never tried anything from Lunasol before.

        • No probs. Do let me know how it works for you if you decided to give it a try!

  • Claire

    I actually almost never blot (dry skin) but when my allergies and asthma are bad, I have to take those meds and I am kinda transpiring then, haha.Then I blot every two hours but I have to be careful not too overblot, because my skin is so dry. Your skin looks good Lily! I don’t have kids but can imagine how stressful it can be in the morning. <3

    • Thanks Claire. It must be the combination of the right skincare and supplements 🙂 Yes, mornings are especially stressful when kids don’t want to get up, but I’ve learned to manage 🙂 Sorry to hear about your allergies and asthma! Have you tried any supplements for your dry skin?

      • Claire

        I have but nothing ‘really’ worked so far, my skin condition is getting better though, I am very happy with my face oils 😀

        • Oh, I’m trying the Estee Lauder’s Nutritious NEW face oil… it smells lovely and my skin likes it. I’m not sure if it’s moisturizing enough for dry skin though. It’s just that I haven’t found a face oil that isn’t too oily, and something that doesn’t break me out. I’ve only been using this the last 2 days, so hopefully it won’t break me out too!

  • I always forget to blot and I know I should! It’s actually a good idea to blot before it’s too late, never really thought about it. I usually do one blot and that’s it. Did you make those pics at work? It seems like a different background than I’m used too :p.

    • HAHA… no Teri, I took it on a Sunday before going out, and again after coming back a few hours later 🙂 I have to remember to blot because it wouldn’t be flattering – a whole day at work with an oily face. LOL!

  • Liyana

    Sometimes i’m just too lazy to touch up. 🙂
    What’s the best touch up powder you’d recommend?

    • Depends on your budget, really. I like portable face powder, all in one packaging kinda thing, and that’s why I recommend Lunasol’s (review here However, another one from Diorsnow is a good one too, and there’s a brush included. The packaging is a little bigger than Lunasol, but it does very well for touch ups. Review will be up soon 🙂

  • Hey Lily, I also do minimal touch-up! I might blot and powder my T-zone a bit once a day, and I reapply lipstick but that’s about it! Really can’t be bothered to do more!

    • Ah, you’re lucky! Sometimes I have to blot a few times, especially when the weather is so hot that even air conditioning isn’t enough 🙁

  • Nice to know I’m not the only one touching up during the day! I don’t wear primer and have combination skin so I also get shiny and need to fix that during the day.

    • I know, right? It does get better with some primer on. Maybe I should start applying primers more diligently. I mean, I do have a few lying around >_< LOL!

      • I’ve actually never bought any! Shock horror I know. I do have samples lying around but just always forget to try them….

        • Lol! If you forget, it means you don’t really need them in the first place? Just a theory. Haha!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    My skin is dry so I don’t need to blot. 😛 But I do remember having to blot in my 30s! I always had to touch up my makeup after work. Now, not so much!

    • Maybe that’ll be me when I’m not in my 30s anymore 🙂