Tipsy Thursday: My Touching Up Routine

My day usually starts at 7am. I have a warm shower, get the kids ready, drop them off at school and I’d be at work just on time. When the kids aren’t behaving, I might have to apply my makeup at work (I have a set of makeup I keep at my office), but I usually like to apply my base at home. I usually slap on either a foundation or a BB cream, then dust it with powder.



Since I didn’t apply any oil control face primer, and in our warm and humid weather, it is only normal that my T-zone will be shiny by noon. Let’s not kid ourselves… unless you have dry skin. I have normal skin with a moderately oily T-zone and people usually term is normal/combination skin. My nose and the sides of my nose will grease up before my forehead while the other parts of my face stay normal. This is what I look like with makeup freshly applied. The morning light was cooler, hence there’s a bluish tinge to this photo.

By the 3rd hour, I like to blot my face BEFORE the oil melts the foundation. This is a sure way to make sure application still looks fresh. It’s really too late when the foundation on my nose slid off while the rest of my face still looked OK. So, the 3rd hour would be around 11am. After blotting, I dust some powder on my T-zone. I will repeat this step by around 3pm. Picture below is about 3 to 4 hours after application, on a humid day and after some outdoor activities. You’d notice shine, and my face dulled.




This is after touching up by blotting and powdering, with an added touch of pink tinted lip balm.


touched up


Easy isn’t it? If the foundation has mattifying properties, I’d probably only have to do this once at about noon or after lunch. Either way, touching up is easy. I don’t have to bring my foundation in and there’s no major “Operation Touch Up” or anything like that. In fact, when I’m lazy, and if I stay in an air conditioned room the whole day, I could get away with just blotting using that blue Clean & Clear Oil Control Film. They are affordable, easily available, and effective.

What about you? How often do you touch up and do you touch up at all?


xoxo Lily