Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination Oily Skin And Colorstay Concealer Perform Very Differently

I was sent the Colorstay Makeup and concealer, and their new Photoready BB cream about a month ago. I saw them, and they are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum. They sent me the lightest shade available for the foundation which is 180 Sand Beige and the concealer is Medium, which looks orange on me, and the darkest shade of the BB cream available here which is Medium. The foundation is still a tad dark after it oxidizes so can you imagine what the concealer does? The worst is the BB cream. Do you know what an Oompa Loompa looks like? Now, imagine a BURNT Oompa Loompa. HAHAHAHAH!


Revlon Colorstay 1

Colorstay Concealer wand


Before I go onto the review, let me show you first the swatch. I am not going to talk about the BB Cream at all because I couldn’t even bring myself to test it. I can’t bring myself to put it on, even when I’m at home. I tried on one side of the face and everyone was giving me funny looks. The heck with that. However, I can tell you about the foundation and the concealer.


BB cream swatch



Yes, the concealer still looks orange against my skin, but guess what it’s good for? Concealing dark circles!! The texture is quite smooth, it doesn’t cake up after powder and it lasts quite well. It is easy to use, glides on and blends seamlessly into the skin and it actually hides my dark circles! I don’t have very dark ones to begin with, but the good thing about the orange tone is that it colour corrects the slight greenish tinge under my eyes. I carry it with me in my purse because I can touch up and it doesn’t look too heavy. This is definitely a good one so if you haven’t tried it, you should. I wish I could say the same about the foundation.




The one sent to me is for normal combination skin and I thought it would suit my skin. It gives medium to full coverage, and it applies quite nicely and sets matte. However, after about half an hour, it oxidizes and turns one shade darker. I don’t have dry skin, but the foundation makes my forehead and cheeks look somehow shriveled. Yes, makes me look like I have very dry skin, which I don’t >_< After a while, this foundation feels dry and heavy and makes my face feel uncomfortable. When my T-zone starts to get oily, this foundation stays on and turns a bit dewy instead of matte, so for oil control, this formula works great. A little blot on my nose, and the foundation is still intact. If you have super oily skin, this might be for you. Not so much for normal combination, I don’t think. I read somewhere that their formula for dry skin is much better, but I wouldn’t know.


colorstay foundation no pump


If you have normal skin and you’re looking for a Revlon foundation, I’d recommend their whipped creme makeup if you can find a shade match. I like that one, and know that many others like it too. I have the same gripe with Revlon foundations in general – limited shade selection and suitable for those with medium to dark skin tones only.

That said, what does not work for me might be fab on you. I’d recommend the concealer for sure. I’m quite happy with this medium one for my under eyes. It brightens up the area slightly while still looking natural.

The foundation costs RM59 while the concealer is RM39. Have you tried any of these? Do they work on you or is it just me?


xoxo Lily


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  • Too bad for that BB cream, maybe for Halloween? The concealer looks good, it appears natural. I try so many foundations that do exactly what your talking about, and I don’t really think it’s bc I have dry skin… It’s just cakey, ugh. I don’t have much hope for DS foundations.

    • Halloween?? HAHAHAHA you crack me up! Yes, the concealer is a keeper, and YES! That’s the word. Cakey. But I thought shrivel would give you a more visual impact. LOL!

  • I tried the foundation for dry skin, back in the days when I still had dry skin. It’s a heavier foundation but I actually really liked it. The only thing that I really hated was the bottle without a pump. It’s just such a waste of product!

    • Yes, that’s what I heard, that the formula for dry skin is much better. Ah yes, foundations without a pump. They always get me. I wonder why they do that all the time!

  • Ginger

    Why would they not put a pump on the foundation? Haha, are we supposed to pour it out then? :/

    • I know right? Yes, you have to pour it out on your hand. That’s why it’s easy to pour too much, causing unnecessary wastage.

  • Parita

    The shade range is so bad here..I am NC42 with strong yellow undertones and all the foundations are either way too light or pink! i have early tan from this range..absolute waste! the shade doesnt match plus it makes me look ashy and on top of that oxidises!

    • It oxidises on you too? I hardly experience oxidization of liquid foundations anymore, thanks to the new formulation but Revlon foundations oxidise very badly on me. I agree with you too – most of the shades lean pink.

  • Juanneth

    I used to love the previous formulation (with softflex,black font),I even played netball with it 😛

    Just tried once the new version,got immediate tiny bump,now 99% full of bottle sitting in the drawer,not sure if I should throw straight away,or give it another try. Now,Im a foundation hunter. Any suggestion for long last and medium coverage?

    • Depends on your budget, Juanneth. I usually have really bad luck with drugstore foundations, so I prefer to pay a higher price for something that sits right on my face. Have you tried Diorskin Forever?

      • Juanneth

        I am very desperate right now to find a replacement foundation (can’t live without foundation) and I’m willing to fork out the money if it works. Thank you,thank you, I will definitely check it out!

        • I hope it works! I also love the new Diorsnow liquid foundation btw. You should try that too 🙂

  • Sarah

    Colorstay was my first liquid foundation, I remember liking it okay. I actually finished a bottle! I think it was because I kept pouring out more than what I needed.

    I won’t repurchase because I have gotten more tanned since, and the next available shade up is too pink if I’m not mistaken.

    But you have tempted me into trying out the concealer. I’m on the lookout for one that doesn’t crease. 😀

    • The concealer isn’t half bad. It doesn’t crease much on me but I don’t apply it too close to my lash lines. Also, I find that blending well helps a lot 🙂

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I think I tried this once and it was like SPACKLE LOL! I hate full coverage foundations. Hate how they feel!

    • Me too 🙂 My skin likes it light. LOL!

  • Liyana

    I’ve always wanted to try the foundation since there’s so many good reviews about it. But everytime i swatched the shades, i changed my mind. Revlon should vary their shades more and add more yellow tones to it. Not sure why they haven’t add a pump yet. I think everyone has been complaining about it for ages. The concealer looks nice. I like the packaging. Great for on the go touch ups. *curious on how u looked with the bb cream 🙂

    • Perhaps widening their shade selection would be a good idea – for pink, yellow and neutral undertones. That would be great. Ah, and the pump 🙂
      I wouldn’t want to show you guys how I looked with the BB cream on. Let’s keep it pretty here 😛

  • Oops! Sorry but I will NOT use a foundation with no pump. I don’t know why companies feel they can just launch packaging like that. It doesn’t make sense! Glad to hear you’ve found some use for the concealer though.

    • Uh huh! Tell me about it! It would have been a waste otherwise. BB cream – can’t use that. Foundation – so uncomfortable. Concealer – good for the under eyes 🙂

  • Yvonne

    Ahh.. I would love to try this foundation out as I’ve heard many reviews about it being good for oily skin. BUT.. like you and many others, I have this issue with a pump thing and bacteria and all that stuff, so I have yet to try it. I also hate that it’s difficult to actually try these out, especially since many have commented that it oxidises. Would you recommend selecting a shade lighter so that when it oxidises it looks fine?

    • If you can find a match in shade, then yeah, I recommend going a shade lighter. But I find it’s just too much trouble. I prefer to test a foundation properly before purchasing. What if it doesn’t work in the end?

  • Liz

    I go back and forth on wanting to try this or not. One of these days I might, just to know first-hand what everyone means. I need med-full coverage on the regular and don’t mind that it’s heavy if there’s a good colour match. Just… no sanitary way of testing this stuff. Yuck.

    • I dunno about this. Maybe you should stick to your hourglass? The one that you liked? Lol!

  • Claire

    hahaha, burnt oompa loompa 😀 I have read so many good reviews on this foundation but of if it will make your skin look dry I can imagine it being so dry on already dry skin. Pale people will have a problem, especially because you said it oxidises. the concealer seems to work ‘fine’ though.

    • Well, it’s probably just the combination oily formula that makes my skin look dry. The other one seems to get better reviews 🙂 It’s just hard to find a good shade match when a) You can’t try it on and b) it oxidises like crazy >_<

  • great reviews 🙂
    i also find salmon colored concealer is really useful for undereye area.
    i don’t have dry skin but i do use the colorstay foundation for dry skin type and it is actually one of my staples. i guess i have to stay away from the oily skin version. 😮

    • Glad to hear that the one for dry skin does perform much better! However, finding a shade match is to tough 🙁

  • Anu

    I did not like the concealer on me for a reason I can’t pin point. as you said everything is fine with it, but I just don’t like it. But I find it works great with the foundation.

    • Lily

      Revlon base products usually don’t work very well for me. First of all, I can never find the right shade! That’s already a dead end 😛

  • Samantha de Lune

    I thought I was alone on this! I read so many rave reviews about it so I bought a bottle to try. It gave me the shriveled up look too. It was also cakey and emphasized all my dry patches. Couldn’t bring myself to use it again so now I have a brand new bottle just sitting in my drawer.

    • Lily

      Oh you’re not the only one for sure, Samantha!