The One That Broke My Ban: Suqqu EX11 Sumiredama

My makeup ban was going well. I was resisting the urge to purchase any colours despite the fact that there were temptations everywhere. The beauty blogs that I read don’t help, and I really shouldn’t have gone to check out Suqqu when I was in Bangkok. It was fine when I was just browsing, but as soon as I started swatching, I was a goner. Sumiredama is a limited edition palette, and the complex shades, the duo chromes and different nuances of a single shade killed my ban.



The palette is housed in a black paper box that is sleek and clean. There’s the common velveteen pouch that protects the palette, and the 4 eye shadows are in a sleek white satin compact. It opens to a mirror and 2 eye brushes that are surprisingly useful, but they aren’t important. This, my friends, is da juice!


sumeridama sunlight sumeridama indoors sumeridama flash


I had to take these different photos, just to show you how the colours change in different lighting conditions. In real life, the top right and bottom left shades look holographic. You tilt the palette and the colours change! Top left is a shimmering pinky peach while the bottom right is a satin beige. Top right is a light taupe that looks greenish or reddish while the bottom left is a purple with greenish burgundy shimmers. So. Darn. Hard. To describe. UGH! The photos do this palette no justice.


swatch flash swatch indoors swatch sunlight


The texture of these eye shadows are perfect. You know they’re powder but they are so buttery and creamy that you might think otherwise. There is no fallout and they are super pigmented. The colours seem to ‘stretch’. When I swatched them, I could pull the colours across my wrist effortlessly. It just glided on, as if the colours are coming out from my fingers… if that made any sense (?!). The colours can be layered for a different effect and these stay on my lids the whole day on top of an eye primer.

I will definitely show you how it looks like worn in another post. This one is quite picture heavy already. I bought it at Isetan Bangkok, Thailand for about RM300 with some loose change. It is expensive. I was debating whether or not to get it, and thought that I probably won’t be going back to Bangkok any time soon, so it was then or never in the near future. I HAD to find out what the fuss is all about, and I am not disappointed. In fact, if you get the chance, go touch it and play with it. You’d then know why it’s so blardy expensive.

This is by far my most expensive eye quad purchase. Since I was going to break my ban, I might as well go with luxury, eh? I’m back on the ban-wagon (pun intended) though 😛 Have you tried Suqqu? What’s your most expensive eye shadow palette?


xoxo Lily