This CC Cream Is A Face Primer: Clinique CC Cream Fresh Peach

My first CC cream review is from Rachel K and it works really well on my skin. It has more coverage, and to be honest, it could pass for BB cream, only with lighter texture. Now, this CC cream from Clinique is something different. It is newly launched and you might have seen it in counters already. The one I have is for colour correcting. I was sent Fresh Peach, and here is what I think.


Clinique CC 1

Clinique CC 2


The Clinique CC Cream comes in a lightweight packaging which is very portable. I like to squeeze out some product onto my fingers and apply it in gentle patting motion. On my first try, I layered the product because I couldn’t get any coverage. I couldn’t get it to work on its own because it got oily in 2 hours. After a few trials, I realised I couldn’t get any coverage from this product. At all. Also, you only need a little because if you pack it on, it will be too oily. It does however, correct my skin tone. My face is darker than the rest of my body, and I need something to brighten my complexion, without looking ashy. That is the reason I find foundations that match my neck instead of my face. I could use a foundation that matches my face to a tee, but I’d look like I have purposely bronzed up my face while the rest of my body is paler >_<


Clinique CC 3 Clinique CC 4


Fresh Peach is a light beige shade with the slightest hint of peach. There is a sheen to this product that oily skinned gals might not like. Against my face that gets red quickly, Fresh Peach does the trick in evening my skin tone very nicely. See picture below, and notice the colour difference between face and neck. Some people need pink to brighten their skin. Pink makes me look even redder, so I avoid it at all costs. I need yellow to tone down redness and Fresh Peach does just that. Also, you’d notice that my skin looks more shiny after the application of this CC Cream, and my freckles and minor blemishes are still there. The initial shine translates to oil slick later if I didn’t powder, so take heed 😛 Since this product provides no coverage, it is used as a face primer instead. I don’t use liquid foundation on top because this CC Cream makes it slide, but it works OK with powder foundation.


Clinique CC 5


Paris B of My Women Stuff just reviewed this yesterday, and you can check out her review, as we have different skin tones and skin types. This CC Cream retails for RM120 and is available at all Clinique counters nationwide. I think it might work for dry to normal skin types, but for those with combination to oily skin types, you might want to try something else. Have you tried this? What do you think of this BB, CC, DD… ZZ Creams that are coming out? I heard there are already DD creams in the market, and seriously, if there are EEs after this, I’d chuck it in the marketing people’s face. Get more creative people! Just sayin’…


xoxo Lily


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