A Little Butterfly Told Me To Get Dior Papillon and Fascinante

If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you’d know that I’m not a huge gloss girl. I don’t wear it that often, unless it is from Dior. Dior makes the best lip gloss I’ve tried and that is why I indulged myself in two more of those delicious Dior Addict Glosses. I was sent Spring Ball, and a month ago, I used some accumulated gift vouchers to get these 2 which I absolutely love.





How gorgeous are the colours? I had my eyes on the jelly red from miles away. Don’t let the colour scare you though. It is a sheer red that gives lips a juicy shine. Papillon is more of a nude pink, and in my opinion, both are great for every day wear, great for any type of makeup. Dior glosses keep my lips moisturized, and since I have a habit of licking my lips, I do it less when I have glosses on. Less than when I wear lipsticks only. I’m trying to kick the habit, so I’ve been wearing more glosses, either on their own or on top of lipsticks.

Dior Addict glosses are not sticky because I run away from sticky ones. I don’t notice any scent either, which is a good thing. Instead of doe foot applicator, it comes with a tiny brush.




Here is what they look like swatched.




Gorgeous for every day don’t you think? For today’s post, I have a very special model for you. Let me introduce to you, my younger daughter Ashlyn. Trust me when I tell you she did the poses without any direction from me!


fascinante papillon


Have you checked out any of Dior’s Addict Glosses yet? They have a great line up and a few finishes to choose from. I suppose I didn’t have to tell you I loved them. I wouldn’t go and get these otherwise!


xoxo Lily