Dior Birds Of Paradise Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palettes: Brief Review and Swatches

There are two 5-couleur eye shadow palettes in the Dior Summer Collection 2013 Birds Of Paradise. They are Peacock 434 and Blue Lagoon 374. This post is mainly to show you the swatches and very briefly tell you what I think of them.


quints 1

Peacock is a palette of green hues and Blue Lagoon is well, full of blues and perfect for Mondays. Both the palettes have great consistency, while Peacock is on the sheerer side compared to Blue Lagoon. Peacock gives a fun younger look and when paired with light pink cheeks, it is flirty and playful. Blue Lagoon can be the sultry one, especially when paired with smudgy black liner.


quints 2


Here are the close ups of the palettes and their swatches. I swatched them using my fingers, and on my dry arm. With a brush and primed lids, these colours stay on me well after 5 hours, then they would fade. However, I experienced little to no creasing, which is consistent to most Dior eye palettes.


peacock peacock swatch

blue lagoon blue lagoon swatch


For me, I prefer Peacock for day and Blue Lagoon for night. I love using Peacock with a brown base and Blue Lagoon with a black base. I will show you how they are worn in later posts 🙂 Have you swatched these at counters? Did any of these 2 palettes catch your attention?


xoxo Lily


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  • Is it weird that I like Peacock in the pan but Blue Lagoon swatched? And that I still kind of want both? hahaha, are you going to do FOTDs with these? Would love to see how they look on your eyes! Ahh so many pretty blues, Morsels is happy 😛

    • Nope, not weird at all 🙂 Yes, FOTD to come… I wanted to get the swatches out first!

  • Peacock is my pick!

    • Peacock is quite lovely, Vita. Excellent pick!

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Neither are really my thing, but some of the greens in Peacock look like I might get some use from them. Definitely great if you’re into blues and greens!

    • Yup, I’m always into neutrals, but it’s good to get some colours. Both palettes have some awesome shades 🙂

  • Ting

    Love it when you say Blue Lagoon is perfect for Mondays. 🙂

    • I was having the Monday blues when I was writing the post 😛

  • I find both gorgeous but Blue Lagoon wouldn’t work for me and I was disappointed at how pale the colors of Peacock where so I passed. 🙁

    • You’re right that Peacock is quite light. You can always darken the shades with a darker base, but I guess you can also get other palettes which are more your style. I can’t wait for Fall. Heard it’s good. Haven’t seen the pictures though!

  • Hey Lily, I love the trees in the background! Such a great tropical vibe!

    I have swatched both, but unfortunately I think both are a bit too light for my skin tone. That and blue is just not a shade I wear too often. I’ll save my money for the autumn collection!

    • Thanks for appreciating the trees, Sunny. LOL!
      Yes, Fall collection!! I can’t wait – it’s always my favourite collection 🙂

  • I have Peacock because it had a mint in there haha!

    • Tracy + mint = <3

  • These are both a lovely selection of shade. I love Dior for that but I just can’t get into the drier texture, I know some people love them. The blues and greens are just so gorgeous!

    • Do you find Dior eye shadows dry? Most of them are buttery and I love Dior palettes! There are some duds now and then, but coming from me with oily lids, the texture is great 🙂 What’s your favourite eye shadow texture? I’m curious!

  • Liz

    I thought that Dior Summer was going to kill me for sure, but I’m not really drawn to any of them for some reason! I mean, these are all very nice, but… nothing. I must be broken. LOL

    • The blush duo got me gaga. These 2 palettes are nice, but definitely not a must have like some of their palettes. You’re not broken, Liz… you have much higher expectations now 🙂