Dior Paradise Duo Pink Glow: Brief Review and some Comparisons

Dior Birds Of Paradise Collection has given me a lot of temptations, and the star product Paradise Duo is the one I’ve been drooling over. In Malaysia, we only carry 001 Pink Glow, and I was so lucky to be sent one before I nearly made my purchase. I won’t drag it on, but I’ll tell you now that this is totally AWESOME! If you haven’t bought it, GO NOW before it’s gone forever. It’s limited edition after all.


pink glow 2

Paradise Duo, be it Pink Glow or Coral Glow has been blogged about everywhere. I won’t talk about it too much or in depth, because chances are, you already know about it. Pink Glow comes with a mini kabuki brush that is soft against the skin. However, it does kick up a bit of powder, so if you’re wearing black, you might want to be careful. I guess a little blow will get most off, just don’t rub or dust it off. LOL!


pink glow 1 pink glow 3


Isn’t it gorgeous? I love to use my MakeupShow blush brush to apply this. It doesn’t kick up as much powder as the mini kabuki brush, but the kabuki does blend out the blush very beautifully. Do refer swatches below. Against my skin tone, a mixture of both is a beautiful blend that looks coral. Alone, the bronzer is very light and subtle. Great for those who aren’t into the tanned or bronzed look, or for those with very fair skin. The pink is rosy on me, and when blended, it gives a very subtle hint of pink. Not overdone at all.




I don’t have many bronzers, but I thought I’d show you some comparisons. Of the four, it is as sheer as Dior Aurora, but Aurora is clearly warmer. On its own, Pink Glow bronzer looks like a natural warm blush. It doesn’t have any noticeable shimmers, and picture below is taken with flash, to show you how the light bounces (or not).


bronzer comparison


For the pink, I thought it was similar to NARS Deep Throat, but it’s not. In fact, it looks most similar to Dior Pink In Love blush. The swatch below is Pink In Love both shades blended. I’m sure I could get a really close match if I used more pink. I also added Dior Rosy Glow to show you how warm the Pink Glow is against the blue based Rosy Glow. Picture is taken in natural daylight.


pink comparison


So there you are. An idea of how Pink Glow measures up in terms of colour, depth and warmth. I think it’s a great addition to my blush family because while there are similar shades, they’re just not the same. Also, the powder is very finely milled, and when blended out on the cheeks, it gives a “shine from within” kinda glow. You have to try it to believe it.

In short, I really have nothing bad to say about this. You know I will if there are. I’ve given you a few negative reviews in my short 2 years blogging life. RM198 for a bronzer AND blush which gives you a few ways of wearing it? I think it’s worth it. *LOVES*


xoxo Lily


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