Dior Peacock For A Day Out, Ending With Blue Lagoon And A Cocktail In Hand…

I talked about these 2 Birds of Paradise palettes a while back, and promised to show you how I’d wear it. If you haven’t seen the swatches, click here and the post will pop up in another window. Again, here are what the palettes look like.


quints 2

I used Peacock on one eye and Blue Lagoon on the other, because it saves time, and I’m quite partial to the smokey blue. I’ve always been a fan of smokey eyes, because somehow, it makes my eyes look a little bigger, and this blue turned out really well. Peacock is easy to pull off. It is effortless because the colours themselves are quite light and iridescent, making the palette great for day time.

For Peacock, I used the light golden colour as a wash all over the lid, with the lime green as the main colour, and the darker teal on the outer corners of the eyes. As for Blue Lagoon, the main definition colour is the one in the centre, the darkest blue. I lined my eyes with a black liner, pressing this blue on top, and the colour popped. I used the bottom left blue at the centre of my lid and the top right blue to blend out the edges.




What would you pair these 2 eye looks with? Pink blush? Coral? Neutral? What about lipstick… keep it tame or amp it up with a bolder lip? I think the eyes work with many pairings as long as the colours aren’t too loud, making the face clash like a clown. I tried on both pink and coral blush and both looked good. I didn’t try bolder lips though. I’d personally stick to understated warm pink so that my lips don’t look washed out, but that’s just me.

So, tell me, which eye do you prefer, and what would you pair it with?


xoxo Lily